Women's Month

In Women’s Month we focus on Children’s Rights.

This question was asked by Mio and Queenie on Radio Algoa and the answer was ….

The colour or length of their natural hair!  Most women dye or enhance their hair in some way.

What many women DO know is that a baby has less chance of survival without its mother. Nature dictates that women do everything they can to protect their young. Many know how much effort it can take to collect precious water, if not on tap.  Many also know about the value of a shady tree to sit under in the hot African sun and that trees provide heat for cooking.  Women are ultimately responsible for feeding their family and keeping the home clean.  They know about the balance of nature and their cycles follow that of the moon which influences the tides of life.  The ocean is our Mother.  Without her, we will not survive for very long.

Women are at a greater physiological risk of contracting HIV than men and the debilitating illness and the deaths caused by this disease has dire impact on them.

Over the ages mankind has fought many wars. Women and children are victims in the strife. Countless women have been objectified and treated like possessions They know about the importance pf biodiversity, tolerance and preserving life.  And many Medicine Women know the value of Nature as a ‘pharmacy’.

This means that Lunchbox Theatre shows support women in important ways.  And when their children are educated about appreciation, nurturing and caring, they are supported in turn.

The Last Drop educates children about how to manage and cherish lifegiving water.  The Tree Show shows them how trees fit into the cycle of life.  The What a Waste Show illustrates the concept of ‘Waste not Want not’ and how to use waste instead of polluting Mother Earth. The Whale Show enlightens about the important role of the ocean and its animals.  A Dog’s Life and Eden to Addo teaches about compassion and how to care for animals and value biodiversity. ILifa informs children of the fact that they can say “No!” and that there is a recourse to action.

As we celebrate Women’s Month 2017 reports reveal that …

  • 1 in 3 children are being abused in South Africa.
  • 80% of families lose half their income when the major bread winner dies of HIV/AIDS.
  • 3 billion trees of the 3.04 trillion trees on the planet are being chopped down every year.
  • Last year, South Africa recorded the lowest rainfall levels since 1904.
  • Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% and they could be extinct by the end of the next decade. 100 African elephants are killed each day leaving only 400,000 remaining.
  • South Africa is ranked 15th in the world for waste generation, with the average South African producing around 25 tonnes of waste in their lifetime – only 1/10th being recycled. The landfills are filled, with +/- 108-million tonnes of waste being generated each year.


What is the good news?  We have the third-highest level of biodiversity in the world, and South Africa is the only country to contain an entire floral kingdom.  With 11 official and 8 other recognised languages, South Africa’s rich culture is one of the most diverse and vibrant in the world which is why we are called the “Rainbow Nation”.

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