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A healthy option for fast food takeaways in South Africa

Even health conscious Moms need a break from cooking sometimes and what better option than to treat the kids to a takeaway?  However, eating some of these unhealthy options so that it becomes a habit as your kids grow up could increase their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Here is a suggestion for a healthy alternative for the occasional treat.

What makes fish and chips a specially ‘good’ takeaway?  Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which help children’s concentration and behaviour which is great news for parents and teachers! It can help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  It contains Vitamin A is important for healthy vision.  B Vitamins provide more energy.  Potatoes contain fibre, potassium and Vitamin C which helps children’s immune systems which will helps them to avoid bad new viruses. Fibre is lower in calories than sugar and helps them to stay fuller for longer meaning they won’t overeat. Try not to put salt on the chips as children should get used to too much of salt.  Or else you could always choose fish and a healthy salad. Just be sure that the fish you eat is not on the endangered species list!  You can find a list here They even give you recipes for when you want to cook this healthy meal.

Lunchbox Theatre is all about healthy living which includes the food our young South Africans eat and the thoughts they think.  For our grandchildren to continue to have fish as a wonderful, healthy source of protein we need to keep our ocean safe and clean.  So, if your youngsters have not already seen the  What a Waste Show which creates Waste Warriors or the Whale Show which teaches them about the importance of a healthy ocean for all its creatures, please consider finding a donor or clubbing together so that they can see these shows.  Or go to , click on the DONATE button and make a small monthly donation.

Apile le Fleur asks…

My Oupa is a fisherman and he says, “You can give a man a fish but he will only be able to look after himself if he learns how to fish.” He says it is up to me to make a success of my life. Lots of people carry on and on about things that happened long ago. If we are always talking about unhappy things that happened yesterday, how can we make tomorrow better? Life is short, especially if you are a fish and get caught on a hook. Us kids today are much luckier than when my Oupa was a boy. I am lucky because I learn a lot from Lunchbox Shows and what the actors teach us can make us all better people. It’s up to me and you not to get caught up by thinking or doing things that hurt others because of yesterday, isn’t it? Even whales are nice to each other so wouldn’t it be nice if we forget tomorrow and learn all about healthy thoughts today?