Welcome Sisipho Gxagxa to the Lunchbox Theatre Team

A New Star!

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of welcoming 19-year-old Sisipho Gxagxa to the Lunchbox Theatre Team. Sisipho started her journey with Lunchbox Theatre way back in 2013, as a member of our After Schools Activities Program when she was in Grade 5.

The program offered Sisipho a safe space to enjoy the benefits of dance and drama classes. It provided her with a platform to explore her creativity and showcase her talents, while at the same time building her confidence and developing her skills within the Performing Arts.

“I experienced a lot through this program”, says Sisipho, adding, “I was a shy person and doubted myself a lot, but when I met Amanda Valela, my facilitator, she taught me so much about how to be on stage and not feel shy and how to take on different characters.”

Sisipho’s talent commitment and dedication to her classes led to her being invited by our Program Manager, Amanda Valela, to assist with the facilitation of our ‘Performing Arts Holiday Program’ in December 2021. Following this, Sisipho was cast as a performer in our new show ‘Listen’.

When asked about her experience since becoming a member of the ‘Listen’ cast, Sisipho had this to say: “Being a part of Listen taught me how to accept new and different situations, make a stranger feel welcome, and how to make a warm family and friends. It taught me that I should help strangers, not because we have the same colour skin, but because we are humans… and we have to protect what we love.”

A New Star at Lunchbox Theatre!

During her time as a member of Lunchbox Theatre, Sisipho has begun work as an After Schools Activities Program facilitator at Kwanokuthula Primary School, where she conducts drama classes for Grade 6 and 7 learners. She has also had the opportunity of touring with the team to perform ‘Listen’ at various schools along the Garden Route and has been cast in our new inclusivity show ‘Dance With Me’, as well as, ‘The Tree Show’, which we are very excited about reviving in preparation for Arbour Week.

It has been a privilege for us to work with Sisipho over the past few months and we are so proud of what she has achieved. We are so grateful to have been a part of this journey with her and to have provided her with the opportunity to build on her talent and explore a career in the Performing Arts. We hope that her story inspires other young members of our community.

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