Siya Zabo

Actor, Siya, is thrilled to be making a difference to lives of the youth of South Africa.

Do you know that this could be the year when you make a big difference without much effort on your part?  Read about how Siya does it.

Meet Siyabonga Zabo, one of our wonderful actors. Siya means ‘Thank you God, we are grateful’. Siya shows his gratitude by using his gifts for acting, singing and dancing in the Lunchbox Theatre Shows which helps us to make the world a better place. Siya shares some of his passion for Lunchbox Theatre …

“I am very lucky to be part of Lunchbox Theatre as we are making such a big difference in so many ways. Many people lose their family members to AIDS every year. Every life we save through our educational show avoids unhappiness. Through our Children’s Rights show we open up conversations with our children so that they learn to stand up for their rights … especially the girls!

Dogs are called ‘a man’s best friend’. Yet Knysna and George Animal Welfare Society have to put down 60 animals a day because they are “walking carcasses.” Lunchbox Theatre teaches children about how to care for and stop being cruel to animals!

Not managing waste properly is a big problem. Attitudes change when children meet and defeat our Waste Monster!
Humans are chopping down 55 600 trees every minute! In our show about the value of trees we plant 1 tree every time and sow thousands of seeds in our youth’s minds.

In the seas we attack the biggest mammal, the Whale. We teach children about how to care for whales and their environment.

There are major water shortages across the country. Our Last Drop Show has helped children reduce their usage by up to 50%.

Our shows change the world for the better, one mind at a time.  Live theatre tells a story, like our ancestors did.   The messages are l a s t i n g.  If you want to make a lasting difference find a way to help us to get the message out.  Visit Lunchbox Theatre and make a donation, use a show as a fundraiser, bring our shows to the attention of those in power, spread the message, follow us on Facebook, visit our website. I am up for it … are you?”