Lunchbox Theatre presents ASAP which creates performing arts stars at grass roots level

Imagine living in an underprivileged community with no way to express your inherent creativity? What would you do with your frustration? Is there a positive and sustainable way of harnessing this talent?

Lunchbox Theatre have initiated an After School Activities Program, fondly known as ASAP. If you watch this video you will experience the joy, energy, passion, commitment, fun and thrill of learning these young performers exhibit. Towards the end you will see some little ones who are trying their best to copy the older kids on stage. Sadly, they may never get the chance. Tragically, the ASAP program may have to come to halt because of lack of funding. This video was made possible by National Lotteries Commission and the Lunchbox ASAP teachers.

For only R50 a month per child you can Adopt a Dancer or an Actor and keep this program, which is of so much value to the communities, going. You can never buy anything more valuable with this small donation. So please help us to keep ASAP going As Soon As Possible by clicking on the Donate button on