Find out how some special Women helped the kids in their care back on the road to positivity on Mandela Day.

When communities of adults break out in protesting violence, little children also experience it up close and personal. How does this impact on the rest of their lives if not addressed promptly?  Join us as we celebrate how some caring women provided Lunchbox Theatre’s After Schools Activities Program (ASAP) with a healing, win-win treat on […]

What are the 2 most valued words for a supporter to hear on Mandela Day?

Take a look at how Lunchbox Theatre said ‘thank you’ to a wonderful newspaper who has given them superb support for 11 years! In the Age of Digital Communication, do people still enjoy a quality, newspaper filled with positive, local news? “Yes!” say over 30 000 people every week!  So, what does this have to […]

Lunchbox Dogs, Wafi at the Pay It Forward prizegiving

Together with their mascot, Wafi they stimulated over 100 good deeds for animals.

Is live theatre really an effective means of communication in this day and age? Does old fashioned play acting and story telling still work for kids? ‘More than ever’ seems to be the answer as attested to by this story. Lunchbox Theatre took Wafi, their puppet mascot to Sunridge a beautiful little school based in […]