Brendon Morris to raise funds

Brendon Morris has some interesting reasons that you will love.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is daunting. So why is Brendon Morris cycling it in 2019? Brendon will be pedaling to educate children within poorer communities and, hopefully, help to save their lives . He will be dedicating his ride to his Mom, June Morris. Many caring people supported Brendon in 2018.  Can you guess which one of Lunchbox Theatre’s eight shows Brendon chose to honour their donation?

Brendon chose Thand’ Impilo which is an AIDS education show. No doubt the generosity of his sponsors and the effort invested by Brendon will save a few lives through this important show. And as you can see in the video, the teacher’s role is also made much easier because the delicate subject of sexual choices is introduced to the youngsters in a non-threatening way. Comedy is used to convey a serious message … which sets the stage for follow up in the classroom. 

It’s easy to join Brendon from the comfort of your armchair.  Click on the video link to hear his message and see the reaction of the kids at Harkerville Primary. If you feel inspired by his story, please encourage Brendon  with a donation for his role in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019 Lunchbox Legend Fundraiser. Help us to save the lives of our youth, together. Simply Donate here.

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