How can Lunchbox Theatre’s Whale Show help educate children about marine conservation?

How can Lunchbox Theatre’s Whale Show help educate children about marine conservation?

What on earth do whales have to do with humans? Are we really that reliant on a healthy ocean and are we playing fair? Is Lunchbox Theatre’s Whale Show worth supporting?

The wonderful Whale Show was created in 2008.  Interestingly, whales and dolphins lead complex and fascinating lives. We know that they can teach their offspring to do specific tasks and pass knowledge between generations – like Lunchbox Theatre.

Some have complex ways of communicating with each other and enjoy the benefits of living in social groups and many seem to love to play. In fact, they rather remind us of ourselves. So, Lunchbox Theatre uses use Wonder the Whale to educate the next generation about important conservation messages about the sea and its creatures.

This show educates children about our vital Marine Protected Areas or MPA’s as they are called. As the ‘game parks of the sea’ MPA’s offer protection to every vital link in the chain of marine organisms, from the smallest to the largest, which ensures that the ocean can be regenerated and restocked with its diverse species. Unlike game parks, MPA’s cannot be ‘fenced in’ so they are not obvious to children or the average person. The oceans have suffered the most far reaching negative effects from man’s presence on this planet. They cover over 70% of its surface and are the heartbeat and life blood of all that live on our planet. As the inter-relationship of all creatures is more clearly understood, the effect of losing links in the chain of life is also beginning to be appreciated. Reckless uncontrolled plundering of our planet’s marine life and the desolation of its environment has serious consequences for all of us.  Our oceans have been reduced to a critical state due to environmental devastation.

Funding to convey the messages inherent in all our shows remains a constant challenge. Luckily for all of us, we have found a partner in the amazing Orca Foundation.

The respected Orca Foundation is part of a volunteer community dedicated to marine conservation in South Africa. They have funded most of the 154 Whale Shows which have reached nearly 31 000 children! Now that is a fun and effective way of educating our youth about the importance of caring for the ocean.  In addition, Orca have also helped us teach a children about nature through the Tree Show.

To create a great show takes imagination, clever scriptwriting, great actors, environmentally friendly and captivating props, and, most of all sponsors, who believe in the value of Lunchbox Theatre shows.

So, if you know of any organization which needs to educate children in a fun, lasting and meaningful way, please connect us to them.  Our Last Drop Show converts youngsters into Water Heroes. Our What a Waste Show creates Waste Warriors.  iLifa and Thand’ Impilo show kids how to navigate their way to adulthood, safely.  Through our shows like A Dog’s Life, the Eden to Addo Show, Tree Show and the Whale Show children are empowered to teach the grownups about respecting nature.