Learners share their thoughts on the Thand’ Impilo live theatre show for the first time!

We have received great ongoing feedback from the teachers! Would you like to see what the ultimate beneficiaries thought of this show? Lutochen Williams from Alexandria High – “Thand’ Impilo gave us some good advice on how to live life better. We need to look after ourselves by not being tempted to have sex too early. And when […]

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Lunchbox Theatre recently educated 1000’s of youngsters in the Eastern Cape about how to avoid the scourge of AIDS and live a healthier life!

A great deal of money is invested into traditional educational leaflets and pamphlets about HIV and AIDS.  As an alternative, how effective are live theatre shows when it comes to teaching youngsters about avoiding and handling the disease? Watch the reaction of the youngsters in this video and you can decide …. When Lunchbox Theatre […]

Lunchbox Theatre’s Thand’ Impilo Show educates youngsters about how to avoid HIV and AIDS and live a healthy lifestyle. You can help us to get the message out there.

We hear about AIDS all the time however do we really know what happens to a family when this dread disease comes knocking on the door?  Who are the most vulnerable and what are they experiencing? Is there any way we can turn the tide through experiential education that will change destinies?  Find out more […]

Lunchbox Theatre stage the enlightening Thand’ Impilo show to educate the youth about HIV / AIDS and encourage them to make the right choices.

Do you face these challenges with learners who have HIV related illnesses in their homes?  Lack of communication, stigma and the sensitivity of the subject making it difficult to address? Not wanting to make a learner inferior or singled out?    Other responsibilities diverting leaners from focusing on their education?  Finding it difficult to help because […]

What would the world be like if there was no AIDS?

Film-maker and activist, Leo Herrera has created a sci-fi documentary, called Fathers, that imagines the heroes and creatives that could have been in a HIV-less world. HIV charity, Avert, claim that by the end of 1990, over 307,000 AIDS cases had been officially reported with the actual number estimated to be closer to a million. […]

Want to know what our South African teachers say about the impact of Lunchbox Theatre’s Live Theatre Shows?

Teacher says! “Learners don’t always know about the importance of trees. They climb into the branches and break them to take out bird’s nests. Now, thanks to this creative and interactive message, from these funny actors they know that the trees give us energy … amongst other things.” Mrs Z de Bruin, Dirk Boshoff Primary […]

New shows finalized and performed – HIV and waste management

The energetic, fun and wonderfully talented team of Lunchbox Theatre actors and actresses have had a busy spring rehearsing two new shows while performing the existing ones. LBT now keenly presents to the audiences: Thand’ Impilo, geared towards adults and young adults, is about HIV awareness and good choices in life, and the Waste Show […]