the dog show

Lunchbox Theatre can offer you a very easy way to do your bit to stop animal abuse within South African communities.

Did you know that Mahatmas Gandhi is called “The Great Soul” because he remains an incredible source of wisdom and inspiration to the world? Do you agree with what he said about animals? “To my mind,” he said, “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man […]

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Lunchbox Theatre are grateful to Orca Foundation for funding a Dog’s Life Show

When you watch this video you will see how powerful ‘gratitude’ is when it comes to developing a ‘good attitude’. What is gratitude and why is it important? Did you know that through gratitude you acknowledge the goodness in your life and that this somehow creates more to be grateful for?  When you feel gratitude […]

ORCA’s vital volunteers have helped Lunchbox Theatre to educate 26 000 underprivileged children!

Have you ever had a dream about making a positive difference that would impress Mother Nature and King Neptune??  Have you inspired great support which led to your dream becoming a miraculous reality? This is the kind of magic that materialised for Tony Lubner when he established the Orca Foundation!  Read how his dream has […]

Listen to what Mr Williams and Mrs Beauzick have to say about the Great Eden to Addo Adventure.

Thanks to the Department of Arts and Culture, Lunchbox Theatre staged the Great Eden to Addo Adventure at St Patrick’s School in Humansdorp in February 2018. Mr Williams and Mrs Beauzick were delighted that their students had the unusual opportunity to see the theory of what they have learned about the balance between animals, humans […]

the great eden to addo adventure

Let Lunchbox Theatre take your learners on an exciting adventure and raise funds at the same time!

A brave young girl leads an escaped circus elephant on an epic adventure from Knysna to the Addo Elephant Park. On route they encounter a leopard, a sunbird, a dung beetle and a tortoise who each teach the travellers about the challenges they face. Together they find ways to work together to overcome these challenges. […]


Lunchbox Theatre and Eden to Addo have created a ‘must see’ show which teaches children about elephants and biodiversity.

Did you know that elephants have the same kind of emotions as humans? Do you know what mankind has done to the biggest mammal on earth? If an elephant could talk what would he say? “Hello, I am Aftand the Elephant. Help me because I find humans really puzzling. They are so much like us, […]

Lunchbox Theatre can convert children into animal lovers with A Dog’s Life Show

Imagine if we created a peaceful ‘army’ of children who not only love and care for their own pets but also encourage other children to do the same?  Maybe this would turn the tide of animal abuse which would spiral up as a wave of love that floods the world?  How much better would things […]

Read what irresistible Wafi from Lunchbox Theatre has to say about how you can help stop animal abuse by supporting A Dog’s Life which educates the youth of South Africa about how to care for our innocent animals.

You been probably been shocked and disgusted by photos of domestic animals that have been abused?  Maybe you feel pretty helpless to save these innocent creatures? You may find the extent of the problem upsetting especially as the victims are defenseless and have no voice?  Is there anything you, as a caring individual, can do […]

Lunchbox Theatre offers A Dog’s Life which helps teachers to enlighten children about how to treat animals, with far reaching effects on humans as well.

Imagine being the teacher of a Learner who achieves great success in life?  Like Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from Sedgefield who has just been crowned Miss Universe? Now imagine a teacher who finds out that one of her former students has badly injured one or many other humans? No doubt one would go through some soul searching? […]