The answer depends on whether you are drinking from the glass or filling it!

As South Africans it troubles us that there are some inequalities in our society that it will take decades to correct. Many wish that there was some way they could help to make the lives of children better. However, they are often not close enough to the community to make a real difference and are […]

Lunchbox Theatre have a wonderful, fun tool to keep your children interested in their natural surroundings and build closer family bonds.

Think about it … where on this planet are there no birds? The bottom of the ocean? Except for that remote place, they are everywhere! Learning about our feathered friends, as a family, can be one of the most rewarding, natural pastimes available in this day and age. And we have a fantabulous series of […]

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Lunchbox Theatre have a clever idea which will give joy forever, unlike most Christmas presents

Have you ever sat and quietly observed a young child at play? They are filled with energy and pure joy. Did you know that humans begin to make sense of sounds while still in the womb and they respond with instinctive movements? Surely it makes sense that movement is something we need to develop in […]

Lunchbox Theatre enlighten children in the Garden Route with After Schools Activities Programs which benefits our economy!

Did you know that South Africa is facing a crisis when it comes to children dropping out of school?  Do you know why?  There are many reasons … which our After School Activities Program (ASAP) can help to address.  When a child is enthusiastic about something they enjoy at school they are encouraged to try […]

Lunchbox Theatre is teaching families how to be wise about ‘stranger danger’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children could press an ‘undo’ button like we do on the computer?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could undo a series of unfavorable circumstances and change the outcome?  We don’t, so how can tragedy be avoided? What if most children were protected with the knowledge that they need to […]

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Amanda Valela created Dream so that SA kids can be empowered to protect themselves from abduction.

Did you have a happy childhood? Have you ever been into a community where you are surrounded by little, ‘old’, fearful people? If our youth grow up in fear what hope is there for our country? Abductions and kidnappings are now a ‘trend’, would you like to help us make this more difficult for evil […]

Want to know how you can contribute towards protecting boys and girls?

Help lower the number of children that go missing in South Africa by supporting Lunchbox Theatre in taking Amanda Valela’s play Dream to communities.

“Dream is a play dedicated to all the missing children in South Africa. It promises to make you cry, to make you laugh, and to make you do both at the same time. It’s about a girl who goes missing, and how this affects her family and her community, and how it shifts attitudes and […]