Legend, Jantie Oosthuizen, needs your help to make more youngsters environmentally aware for very good reasons

Are you in the mood for some good news?  Is it time to point our children in the right direction with something so logical it should be patented. Lots of cool things are happening in the renewable energy field.  Renewable energy is a clean, inexhaustible resource which creates little to no harmful emissions. It is […]

The Starfish Story is Ubuntu at its best … reassuring us that every being on Earth is important

If you are a caring person no doubt you will have heard and it will resonate with you.  However, what does this have to do with our Legend, Mark Shortreed? The story goes like this … One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently […]

Who is this guy who finds it fun to be a Lunchbox Legend and cycle for kids?

Paul Leger tells us why Lunchbox ‘ticks all the boxes’ when he chooses where to invest his fundraising efforts. Consider what it takes to be a Lunchbox Legend in the Cape Town Cycle Tour.  You will join some other crazy people and cycle long distances and up high mountains. You will need to … Find […]