Lunchbox Theatre and Eden to Addo have created a ‘must see’ show which teaches children about elephants and biodiversity.

Did you know that elephants have the same kind of emotions as humans? Do you know what mankind has done to the biggest mammal on earth? If an elephant could talk what would he say? “Hello, I am Aftand the Elephant. Help me because I find humans really puzzling. They are so much like us, […]


Lunchbox Theatre stage the enlightening Thand’ Impilo show to educate the youth about HIV / AIDS and encourage them to make the right choices.

Do you face these challenges with learners who have HIV related illnesses in their homes?  Lack of communication, stigma and the sensitivity of the subject making it difficult to address? Not wanting to make a learner inferior or singled out?    Other responsibilities diverting leaners from focusing on their education?  Finding it difficult to help because […]