Welcome to the Lunchbox Theatre Family!

By supporting our Lunchbox Legends, you not only give them extra strength to climb those epic hills around Nieu Bethesda but you also give extra strength to 1000’s of kids from rural and underprivileged communities. That strength comes from the empowerment, upliftment, and education that they will receive from the live theatre shows and dance and drama workshops that […]


ORCA’s vital volunteers have helped Lunchbox Theatre to educate 26 000 underprivileged children!

Have you ever had a dream about making a positive difference that would impress Mother Nature and King Neptune??  Have you inspired great support which led to your dream becoming a miraculous reality? This is the kind of magic that materialised for Tony Lubner when he established the Orca Foundation!  Read how his dream has […]

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Meet the Legends who supported Lunchbox!

Do you know that feeling when you are really passionate about something in life? You want everyone to share the feeling of what makes you feel good to be alive? And when you do find people of like mind, you have so much fun together? Stuart Palmer will do just about anything to take his […]