Listen to what Mr Williams and Mrs Beauzick have to say about the Great Eden to Addo Adventure.

Thanks to the Department of Arts and Culture, Lunchbox Theatre staged the Great Eden to Addo Adventure at St Patrick’s School in Humansdorp in February 2018. Mr Williams and Mrs Beauzick were delighted that their students had the unusual opportunity to see the theory of what they have learned about the balance between animals, humans […]

the great eden to addo adventure

Let Lunchbox Theatre take your learners on an exciting adventure and raise funds at the same time!

A brave young girl leads an escaped circus elephant on an epic adventure from Knysna to the Addo Elephant Park. On route they encounter a leopard, a sunbird, a dung beetle and a tortoise who each teach the travellers about the challenges they face. Together they find ways to work together to overcome these challenges. […]

Lunchbox Theatre can convert children into animal lovers with A Dog’s Life Show

Imagine if we created a peaceful ‘army’ of children who not only love and care for their own pets but also encourage other children to do the same?  Maybe this would turn the tide of animal abuse which would spiral up as a wave of love that floods the world?  How much better would things […]

What would the world be like if there was no AIDS?

Film-maker and activist, Leo Herrera has created a sci-fi documentary, called Fathers, that imagines the heroes and creatives that could have been in a HIV-less world. HIV charity, Avert, claim that by the end of 1990, over 307,000 AIDS cases had been officially reported with the actual number estimated to be closer to a million. […]

The What a Waste Show encourages youth to become Waste Warriors

Collecting municipal waste costs 3 times more than disposal so we need to support the policy makers who are encouraging the use of waste recovery, recycling and composting techniques. Almost half of global solid waste (46%) is organic material, with 17% being paper, 10% plastic, 5% glass and 4% metal. Only 1% of all waste […]


One simple way you can do more for marine conservation.

What can the wonderful whales teach us about life? Most of us know why we have game parks and support them wholeheartedly. When it comes to the ocean we also have Marine Protected areas, for very good life sustaining reasons. Yet we cannot see them so how do we teach children about their importance. Take […]

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Watch this Tree Show video which creates awareness about the importance of trees this Arbour Week

The fun and interactive Tree Show tells the story of villagers gathering in a tranquil village which they are beautifying for a wedding. The groom plants a tree in honour of his bride and a long life together. The peace is abruptly disrupted when some thoughtless developers arrive and start indiscriminately chopping down trees. Through […]

Children's rights

How can you help educate our children about their rights?

1 in 3?  How shocking! According to Associate Professor Lillian Artz, Director of the Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit at the University of Cape Town (UCT), in this current day and age, one in every three children have been exposed to sexual abuse by the age of 17. The numbers are equivalent to filling […]

How we can teach our children to save water during drought?

How we can teach our children to save water during drought?

When The Last Drop Show was created Lunchbox Theatre was referring to 60 years in the future.  However, with punitive droughts becoming a regular influence on our daily lives, the subject of saving water has become critical today.  The more young people we can educate and the sooner this is done the better. We will […]