Do your children represent your dreams for the future

Children who see Lunchbox Theatre’s Dream Show are more likely to grow up safely and fulfil their dreams in adulthood.

As parents we have a dream for a safe and fulfilling future for our children. We want them to grow and express their potential, and as adults fulfill their biggest dreams. We realize all too well that it might not always be an easy journey. We know without a doubt that keeping them safe is the very first step to making this happen. Children who see Lunchbox Theatre’s Dream Show are more likely to grow up safely and fulfill their dreams in adulthood.

Imagine being a normal, happy little 8-year-old boy living within a small, fairly peaceful community? You are on your way home from school. You see some strange cars: a red, and a white bakkie. You notice a strange man, woman, one girl and two boys in the bakkies.

One of the boys tells you that your Mother asked them to fetch you? Your stomach turns to ice. You know something is wrong. You tell the man that you know he is lying. You start running. The two bakkies follow you. With heart pounding, you run as fast as your legs can carry you. With superhuman effort you manage to scale a wall that is taller than you, and you make your way safely back into the arms of your Mother.

Will these 15 minutes of the experiencing the ‘unthinkable’ change this child’s life forever? Not if we can help it!

Read on to find out how to help save more children.

This story is not fiction. This is what actually happened in the community of Kranshoek in Plettenberg Bay around 2 pm on 7 September 2018. Children in 13 other reported incidents across the province, were not so lucky. Imagine what the families are going through?

The police are doing their best to solve these cases of missing children and prevent these kinds of crimes against children, however they can only do so much.

What is it all about and what can be done about it?

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) Regional Organised Crime Coordinator for Southern Africa, Martin Ewi said that kidnapping in South Africa is:

  • not new however, holding children for ransom is an unpleasant emerging trend.
  • happening in Nigeria and is now trickling into South Africa.
  • prevalent amongst rich children but now all children are being targeted because parents will do anything to get their children back and it is ‘easy money’.
  • mostly child trafficking and exploitation include forced labour, sexual exploitation, and child begging.
  • causes huge trauma for the family and the children.

Martin said, “Parents should ensure they always know where their children are, and that they always have a responsible adult to watch out for them.”

Unfortunately, in many cases, it is impossible to have someone constantly watch a child. This is where the Dream Show comes in. Lunchbox Theatre can teach families how to be aware and to protect themselves in a positive way!

Lunchbox Theatre is committed to taking Dream to communities near and far. Our aim is to educate as many families as possible on how to protect their children. Irrespective of our determination to lower the level of child abduction, it is something we cannot do on our own. We need the help, support and contribution of our supporters and the Lunchbox Friends we have yet to meet. Each contributor is a Change Maker helping us to make South Africa safer, and give it a more positive future!

A donation of R200 can help us reach 200 children, and a R1000 donation can help us reach 1000 children. And where possible we would like to include the whole family or community.

Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

  1. You can Donate once or set up a Recurring Donation on our GivenGain page
  2. Become a friend of Lunchbox Theatre and ask anyone else you think might be interested to sign up for newsletter 
  3. Maybe you would like to become a fundraiser or benefactor of Lunchbox Theatre and help to save South African children from being abducted? Please contact us.
  4. Or maybe you know of a corporation who would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this important way of empowering communities? Take action, contact them today and be the Change Maker.