Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusivity is being asked to dance. Come, Dance with Me. Tammy is starting at a new school. She is not excited about it though. She is worried that the other kids will bully her, just like at the other schools. Tammy is ‘different’ to other kids. She is in a wheelchair.

This show follows Tammy as she joins her new school and meets her classmates and teacher. We share her challenges and see how easy it is for other children to exclude, and even bully her. We also see how the classroom and the teacher create different challenges for her. We find out where Tammy finds her strength to continue and how her ‘disability’ can encourage others to change the way they behave towards her.

So many schools practice diversity by having special classes for children with disabilities. But these mentally or physically challenged children are kept out of the ‘normal’ classroom environment. Dance with Me speaks directly to that and encourages learners and teachers to promote Inclusive Education by showing how people living with disabilities are actually not all that different.

This show has been made possible with the support of The Sabrina Love Foundation and the Lubner Family Foundation.