Find out how some special Women helped the kids in their care back on the road to positivity on Mandela Day.

When communities of adults break out in protesting violence, little children also experience it up close and personal. How does this impact on the rest of their lives if not addressed promptly?  Join us as we celebrate how some caring women provided Lunchbox Theatre’s After Schools Activities Program (ASAP) with a healing, win-win treat on Mandela’s Day.

When the unthinkable happened and the peaceful town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa broke out with service delivery violence on June 2019, the events really upset the little children who attend Lunchbox Theatre’s After Schools Activities Program.

Children with Special Needs

One of Lunchbox Theatre’s programs caters for Children with Special Needs.  These children respond particularly well to learning performing and creative arts and we are doing all we can to keep the program going.  Maybe these innocents are more vulnerable than kids, who know for sure that violence on TV, is make-believe?   How do those who are ‘Differently Abled’ comprehend the angry people harming each other and actually dying when caught in the crossfire of violent protest?

Comforting words are one thing however Lunchbox Theatre’s ASAP Manager, Amanda Valela and Donnè Rundle, the Visual Arts Facilitator, accompanied by Formosa Primary teachers, Charmain Hechter and Suraja Lourens and benefactor, Carel Hechter, took the traumatized youngsters on a  Mandela  Month Adventure.

First stop Mungo Mill

Why?  Because the ASAP Special Needs Kids have a gigantic art piece displayed at Mungo Mill to draw attention to their plight.  Their plight is the possible ending of their beloved classes due to lack of funding.  The space for the display is thanks to the good grace of Janet Holding and Monique Dokter who own and manage Mungo Mill.

As part of their ASAP lessons, the kids learn to weave.  Seeing this skill employed as a business was demonstrated when Jonica Gubula gave them a tour of the impressive Mungo Mill.   Their day was complete when Carel Hechter treated them to rare ice cream at Kentucky!

Next stop Erasmus Panel Beaters

Why?  Because Erasmus Panel beaters, people with good hearts who support the education of kids wholeheartedly, had their business trashed in the Plettenberg Bay riots.

Take a look at this emotional moment when the kids showed support to those who could be thought of as ‘victims’ by performing their dance that they had been taught by ASAP Dance Teacher, Antonio  Moos.  The goodwill cards the kids made for the staff were the clincher – not a dry eye in the shop.

Join the Little Super Heroes?

Imagine these traumatised, little people, with problems most people have never been asked to overcome, comforting the grownups with messages of hope and fortitude?

Our intuitive Facilitators and their supporters were on the button, as usual, with their unusual and effective remedy. We need to hide some of the kid’s faces in public with masks however our Facilitators help them to unmask their feelings and not hide but address them in a healthy way.

With your help, we can keep the classes going.  You can make sure these ‘little uns’ get the attention, pride, confidence, and guidance they need on Ethics, Morals, and Values from their ASAP Facilitators.

It is so easy and really only costs around 2 cups of coffee for you to be a Super Hero!  Simply follow the instructions, like our kids do