Contribute towards Madiba’s legacy this July. Help us teach our youth to fly.

In July, South Africans and fellow humans around the world go the extra mile to help keep Mandela’s legacy alive. It is during this time that we are reminded of how the smallest of acts, can have the largest of impacts. So this month we ask that you take some time to touch the lives of our Lunchbox Theatre children and join us in making a meaningful difference, for life.

Keeping Madiba’s legacy alive

Did you know that education is one of the cornerstones of Madiba’s legacy? Our live theatre organisation provides education to South Africa’s youth in droves. But we have not stopped there. Have a look at the support and benefits which our live theatre organisation provides to the youth as well as the ways in which we are embracing Madiba’s legacy.

Lunchbox Theatre is based in Plettenberg Bay, in the tourism-rich area of the Garden Route. We facilitate an After Schools Activities Program (ASAP) where our tutors teach children skills related to drama, dance and art. In the process, the participating children are introduced to healthy ethics, morals and values.

The importance of ASAP

You may have experienced or seen the mayhem that recently occurred in Plettenberg Bay. Our magical hometown town was rocked by people without a clue about ethics, morals and values. These people failed to lead by example,  rioting violently for days, with dire consequences for the community.

Watching what transpired here in Plettenburg Bay, you cannot but wonder why the people involved acted the way they did. Most probably, though, the perpetrators were, and still are, unfamiliar with certain principles according to which they should act. The likelihood is that they were somehow not taught these principles during their schooling years.

ASAP classes aim to fill the gap with a variety of lessons covering topics such as anger and frustration management, negotiation skills, confidence, appreciation, humility, and respect for other people, their property and their right to a safe, good life. Overall,  ASAP provides children with the tools necessary to become contributing citizens and to lead successful lives and, in so doing, it contributes to eradicating poverty, another cornerstone of Mandela’s legacy.

Fast forwards 5 years and you will see the positive effects that ASAP classes have on our youth. With the interpersonal skills we teach, our ASAP youngsters are able to effectively and efficiently negotiate peaceful solutions, to a whole host of issues, with other leaders. Just imagine what our country would be like if we had more youngsters like this; if we had an ‘army’ of good examples of how to live life peacefully, beautifully and in harmony with one another.

The future of ASAP

We urgently need to penetrate deeper into communities and help guide our youth onto a path that allows them to be the very best they can possibly be. This is what ASAP has been trying to do. Yet, sadly, the future of ASAP is being threatened. The programme may have to come to an end if we do not attract the support we urgently need to continue shaping our youth into better role models than they might have had in the past, and helping them build positive, meaningful lives.

Active citizenship is another one of the cornerstones of Madiba’s legacy. Will you join us in being – and helping our youth become – the active citizens Mandela believed we could be?

How to your invest SOME of your time this month:

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    • Cares about the future of Plettenberg Bay
    • Understands the importance of entrenching positive ethics, morals and values in South Africa’s youth.
    • Cares about South Africa and tourism in this beautiful country
  2. Click here and become a Hero by sponsoring 1 kid for ASAP classes for a year. Alternatively, become a Super Hero by sponsoring a few kids.
  3. Become a Super Duper Hero by commissioning the creation of a Lunchbox Theatre show.

Together we can realise the future which Madiba envisioned, the future where healthy, well-educated, well-principled people live together peacefully.