School teachers and sponsors, such as ORCA, share what they think about the benefit of the Whale Show in primary schools in a world filled with technology.

School teachers and sponsors, such as ORCA, share what they think about the benefit of the Whale Show in primary schools in a world filled with technology.

Do you believe that teaching is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding careers that anyone can choose? Are teachers, in fact, our nation builders? How does Lunchbox Theatre help these unsung heroes? Lunchbox Theatre fully appreciate and support the dedication of teachers. We ensure that all our shows fit into the school’s curriculum to help them in their challenging calling. It’s easy for children to learn important lessons through our live theatre shows.

The strength of every profession grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers impart to their learners. It is our privilege to assist them in teaching about important environmental and social issues through live theatre shows.

Drama, in their ‘make-believe games’, is already a natural part of a child’s life before he or she even begins school.  Play is how they make sense of their own identity and explore fictional situations in relation to the real world. Lunchbox Theatre shows use drama to encourage pupils to learn actively and interactively.   Children who are challenged by reading and writing (especially those with English as a second language) often respond more positively to the imaginative and multisensory learning offered by a live theatre show. They learn skills like creativity, enquiry, communication, empathy, self-confidence, cooperation, leadership and negotiation. Most importantly, drama activities are fun – making learning both enjoyable and memorable. Including English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa in the dialogue makes the messages even more understandable.

With the move towards more rigorous achievement standards and the use of technology, teachers are carrying an incredible amount of responsibility. One of our aims is to help them to bring joy back into the classroom. They reward us with their commitment to shows, like
The Whale Show.

One of our main sponsors, the Orca Foundation, says “The Whale Show has the most delightful use of hard hitting conservation ethics with music, humour and direct interaction with the children.” What do the teachers think about good reasons to stage this show?

“The show made the learners think about conservation and the role of Marine Protected Areas. Great interesting facts about whales.” Denneoord Primary, George

“Interessante feite van die walvis, sy habitat, gewoontes, kommunkasies en belangrike posisie in die ketting van lewe.” St Paul’s Primary School, George

“The Learners will remember the Whale Show for the rest of their lives! “ Ruigtevlei Primary

“Goeie afwisseling tussen feite en pret. Leerlinge bly geinteresseerd.” Laerskool Sedgefield

Thanks to the sponsors of The Whale Show

ORCA, WESSA, Pick ‘n Pay Oyster Festival, Plett Tourism, Knysna Municipality, National Lotteries Commission, Department of Arts & Culture, Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Department of Arts and Culture we have managed to educate 30 491 children about the importance of our ocean. More sponsorship would mean we can convey the message about Marine Protected Areas and the value of our marine life to a larger percentage of the next generation.