Jean Sparg givinh 2 children the time of their lives for her birthday.

Jean Sparg has decided to give 2 children the time of their lives for her birthday.

Is there something that will live on long after you?  Some action you took that will keep on moving after you are gone?  Some deed that you did that someone will remember for as long as they are alive?  Will people tell good stories about you, in time to come?

Jean Sparg is best known for her absolute passion for indigenous vegetation. Her most famous project was establishing Madiba’s ‘90 Trees’ Park alongside the N2 at New Horizons, Plettenberg Bay.  This year, for her birthday, Jean decided to sponsor two little girls for ASAP classes for the year.

ASAP stands for After Schools Activities Program.  On weekday afternoons in school halls around Bitou you will find young actors teaching kids about dance, drama and art. Nearly 100 kids attend … with a long waiting list. Two children will now joyfully take up the classes because of someone who cares.

Take a look at this video which shows beautifully what can be achieved when kids are coached by talented teachers. The more kids we can sponsor the more actors we can employ to train them.

If you think this is a good birthday  idea simply go to and read about the inexpensive options to assist with the After Schools Activities Program.  Make a donation of just R100 per month and feel good immediately.

Photo:  Jean in Green’ flanked by her friends Jane Twine,  Pippa Ford and Steph Roche who all improve the world by teaching little kids to read after school through the ‘Shine Reading Project’ in Plettenberg Bay South Africa