“The age old African art of storytelling comes alive on stage with this original production of traditional African animal folklore tales. Through comedy, song, dance and drama these stories are made relevant to a contemporary audience as they bring their ‘lessons’ into a modern day context.”

Our story begins with a family preparing for a feast. Khokho (great grandfather) is returning home after a long journey collecting stories from around Africa and his granddaughter and great granddaughter are hard at work preparing themselves for his arrival.

We encounter Khokho on the last leg of his journey and discover that a villain, who wishes to steal his suitcase of stories, is secretively pursuing him.

Khokho rests often, as he is tired from his long journey. He opens his suitcase and recounts one of the many stories that he has gathered. These stories come to life using physical theatre and creative use of props and costumes.

We are constantly aware of the villain in the background and are humored by Khokho’s ability to unwittingly ward him off.

The stories themes are linked to incidents that we see occurring back home between mother and daughter. They will tackle issues such as respect, patience and greed.

Khokho’s final story is told after his well-celebrated arrival back home. He cleverly incorporates local townsfolk and his family to enact the story. Then much to the villain’s surprise Khokho involves him in the story and through this the villain learns about sharing and the power of storytelling.