Do something awesome in 2019

Legend, Jantie Oosthuizen, needs your help to make more youngsters environmentally aware for very good reasons

Are you in the mood for some good news?  Is it time to point our children in the right direction with something so logical it should be patented.

Lots of cool things are happening in the renewable energy field.  Renewable energy is a clean, inexhaustible resource which creates little to no harmful emissions. It is better for our health and the environment and it is becoming cheaper.  The US Embassy says that stable and reliable renewable resources give countries, cities and towns energy independence. They can generate most of the electricity they need where they are. This will change the face of our world. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the whole world could get all the power it needs from renewable resources by 2050, ending our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting resources – but only if the right political, financial and societal decisions are made, quickly.

More good news is that new jobs are being created every day, from technical engineering, manufacturing and construction jobs to community level engineers who are trained to service off-grid solar installations. About 60 million new Green Jobs will need to be filled globally by 2032. Who will do these jobs?

We are kidding about ‘patenting’ live theatre as this ancient and effective means of communication is freely available to all.  Lunchbox Theatre shows are about the environment. We create compassion in our audiences, which is the highest form of love.  This makes young minds want to learn. If we sow seeds about the environment today, we and they will reap rich rewards in the future.

Jantie and his wife, Michelle, are expecting their second child during the time of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019 so he will not be cycling.  However, like you, they would like to see more environmental awareness raising shows being staged, so please continue to support Jantie’s fundraising efforts..

The more shows we stage the more Nature Ambassadors we will inspire. The more they are motivated to study and fill jobs that are linked to a clean environment, the better the world will be.  Who knows maybe one of those decision-makers could be in the audience in the show you helped to fund?

Go to Janties page now and watch his charming video.

Then invest in our future, the children of today by donating here.