Brendon Morris

Last year I managed a very mediocre time (I’m blaming it on the southeaster), perhaps secretly so that I could easily improve on it this year! But apart from the personal challenge and the fun of riding with the team, this is about raising funds for the education of the people (our children) who will run this world after we’ve had our chance. Lunchbox Theatre does some amazing work in our community. My kids have come home from school a number of times telling me how they were magically entertained in the hall by the Lunchbox gang. Our children need to be informed about the myriad of social and environmental issues that face us all these days, and what better way than through live stage acts and plays. It’s entertaining and gets the important messages across without boring the kids. Also, in this digital era, live acts need to be embraced so that the adults of the future (our kids) will continue to enjoy this exciting medium of social engagement. So, please help me in my efforts to raise funds for Lunchbox Theatre. Thank you all hugely for your support! Bren

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Target Date = 28 February 2018