Mikey and Debbie Fermor

Mikey and Debbie Fermor are super chuffed to support Lunchbox Theatre for the Legends’ Loop 2021

Debbie says:
Yay, so excited to be a Legend again!
I believe in what Lunchbox Theatre offers to build a better community through theatre, learning and having fun. My motivation to ride this special event is to not only raise some much-needed funds for this worthy organisation, but also to set myself a fitness goal. I broke my ankle 2 years ago almost to the date and it’s been tough to get back out there…Plus, these past 2 years have been extraordinarily tough on so many people financially and emotionally, but where there is darkness there is light and to see how people have pushed through is remarkable.
Now let’s hope my lungs and legs can hold out for all these km’s ahead of me!! Go Legends!

Mikey says:
My wife told me to! But, seriously I admire the work that this organisation does and hope that I am able to raise some funds to help them provide their excellent programmes.

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