Lunchbox Theatre are grateful to Orca Foundation for funding a Dog’s Life Show

Lunchbox Theatre are grateful to Orca Foundation for funding a Dog’s Life Show

When you watch this video you will see how powerful ‘gratitude’ is when it comes to developing a ‘good attitude’.

What is gratitude and why is it important? Did you know that through gratitude you acknowledge the goodness in your life and that this somehow creates more to be grateful for?  When you feel gratitude do you feel that, in part, the source of that goodness lies outside yourself? Does gratitude help you to connect to something larger than yourself like other people, nature, or a higher power?

Live theatre shows gives children an enjoyable, well received lesson and expanded vision of life and they feel elevated and grateful. Gratitude helps them to feel more positive emotions which helps them cope better with adversity, it builds stronger relationships, they relish the good experiences and this has a positive effect on their emotional and mental healthy.  The more shows more kids experience, the better.

Imagine how the volunteers from the awesome Orca Foundation will feel when they see the youngsters in this video!  Yes, once again, it was our loyal Orca Foundation who sponsored 3 Dogs Life shows for 3 Plettenberg Bay schools.   We trust they will pass this video of gratitude on to all their friends and families to show them how their donations are being valued!

Do you like to be thanked? Take a look at these enthusiastic little children who are being moulded into being better citizens who will take care of their pets because they saw and will probably never forget, A Dog’s Life.

Would you like to be thanked as:

  1. A Donor who made it possible for a little child to see a show – possibly their first ever?
  2. A Contributor who invested in changing the lives of a significant number of children?
  3. An Ongoing Supporter who will leave a legacy of enlightenment?
  4. An Influencer who spreads the word to change the face of South Africa through the ancient medium of storytelling?
  5. A Corporate Donor who can gain great, goodwill mileage through empowering communities with a tax-deductible annual donation for far reaching educational shows?

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