Lunchbox Theatre can convert children into animal lovers with A Dog’s Life Show

Imagine if we created a peaceful ‘army’ of children who not only love and care for their own pets but also encourage other children to do the same?  Maybe this would turn the tide of animal abuse which would spiral up as a wave of love that floods the world?  How much better would things be on our planet?  A Dog’s Life Show can fulfill this role and open up meaningful discussions in schools so that ‘bullies’ are forced to change their ways.

January 2018 is a time for New Year’s Resolutions.  Wouldn’t it be a simply great resolution to contribute to overcoming animal abuse through A Dog’s Life Show? Take a look at this fun video, with a serious message. 

Resolve in 2018 to make a monthly contribute towards staging this show and feel good that you are helping to stop animal abuse.  This action is effortless and sustainable, unlike most resolutions.

Or find a sponsor of good resolve and book A Dog’s Life Show for your favourite school.  Simply press DONATE on