Lunchbox Theatre

Lunchbox Theatre Continues to Shine

As we power through 2022, a year that has just exploded with opportunity for us, we are filled with immense gratitude to be able to continue to do what we do. The past two years have been beyond challenging for people from all walks of life and industry, but for those of us within the Arts and Education sectors it has been near catastrophic.

With Covid restrictions during 2020 and 2021 making it extremely difficult to stage public events, many of our colleagues within the Arts lost their livelihoods and had their careers thwarted. Public theatres were closed, some of which will never open their doors again, and performances within schools were no longer allowed. Our creativity was put to the test and we had to reassess and find new ways of doing things. With the support of some amazing sponsors and innovative teamwork, we were able to adapt to these challenges and find new ways of getting our important messages out to young audiences across South Africa. We converted a number of our physical shows to audio and started working on our new show, ‘Listen’. This kept our team together, working artistically, earning an income, and most importantly still being able to reach our beneficiaries.

As restrictions relaxed towards the end of 2021 and coming into 2022, the possibility of in-person performances and school tours was once again a reality. We began rehearsals for ‘Listen’ and welcomed a new team member, Sisipho Gxagxa, as a member of the cast. We were also able to resume our After Schools Activities Program in March, which has also seen incredible growth and opportunity over the past few months through Amanda Valela’s amazing hard work and facilitation.

As we reflect on what an unbelievable year we’ve had thus far, from our roadshows to schools in the Eastern Cape to our first live Theatre Performance of ‘Listen’ and the creation of ‘Agony’ by Amanda Valela and her GBV group, we are filled with so much excitement for what’s still to come from 2022. We are brimming with pride as we look back at the challenges that we’ve faced over the past two years and how we’ve continued to move forward within the doom and gloom and been able to channel a sense of hope and empowerment for the youth. We are also very happy that restrictions have been relaxed, now allowing our fellow artists to get back to work at full capacity again.

Lunchbox Theatre Continues to Shine! To make a difference, please do contact us to book a show or donate.