Lunchbox Theatre finds new ways to keep creative

These are incredibly challenging times for so many people.

Businesses are having to shut down or are facing huge financial difficulties. Hunger and poverty are more prevalent than ever as unemployment reaches record highs. So many questions flying around about whether the government is doing the right thing or not and no end to the variety of opinions.

We are truly grateful to all those people who are making huge sacrifices in their own lives to help others in need.

How is Lunchbox Theatre dealing with it?

At Lunchbox Theatre, we will do whatever is asked of us to do to help keep as many people from illness and suffering. We continue to pay our staff and seek relief aid and additional funding to keep the business afloat.

We can, however, no longer do our work that our beneficiaries love so much. No shows while schools are closed and public gatherings banned and no dance and drama workshops for the kids either.


So we had to get creative and experiment with the realm of film.

We teamed up with iKasi Media to create a series of 10 short informative videos that raise awareness about Covid-19. Aimed at the poorer communities where access to data ‘heavy’ information is limited we used a unique tool of filtering our videos through business owners and community leaders down to their staff to show family at home.

These fun little videos take us into the lives of Marie and Tamkhulu as they find the best ways to deal with challenges in these times.

With close on 100 000 views since 25th April we can see that these vids are proving to be very important and popular. If you haven’t yet seen them here’s your chance:


See all 10 of our videos here

A huge thanks to those who continue to support us?

Government funding grants have all but dried up as they create relief aid for those less fortunate than us at Lunchbox Theatre. So, once again, we are having to be creative and head back to the fundraising drawing board.

We are SO grateful to our monthly donors who continue with their donations. These asssit us in covering essential monthy costs and ensuring that our staff can receive income over this period.

I know there are MANY worthy causes deserving of your donations. We hope that you can include us on that list so that when we can continue to flex our creative muscles and spread informative messages to our audience.


Strength, health and best wishes to you all,

Till we meet again, keep creative!

Stuart Palmer


Lunchbox Theatre