Lunchbox Theatre live theatre shows are an effective means of changing behaviour for a better world

Would you be happier if you knew that all South Africans were aware of the importance of actively saving water?

We don’t need to tell you about how important it is right now to teach our communities about how to save water.

What we do want to bring to your attention is how effective live theatre can be to acccomplish this. These 10 Reasons about the efficacy of live theatre productions, gleaned from Kevin Brown, may be of interest when deciding on how to educate our youngsters.

#10 Human Beings
The performance of theatre is a universal cultural phenomenon that exists in every society around the world. Human beings are the only animal species that creates theatre. Understanding theatre helps us understand what it means to be human.

#9 Self-Expression
Theatre teaches us how to express ourselves more effectively. It develops our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others, improving our relationships and improving the world around us.

#8 Self-Knowledge
Theatre teaches us about ourselves. It helps us understand how our minds and the minds of others work. It helps us to see how the environments in which we live affect who we are and who we will become.

#7 History
Theatre is a great way to lean about history. Rather than learning history from reading it in a dusty textbook, theatre makes history come alive right before our eyes. Theatre makes learning fun.

#6 The Body
Theatre reminds us that, even in this ever-changing digital age, there is a human body at the center of every digital transaction.

#5 Culture
Theatre helps us understand people from cultures other than our own. We can learn a lot about people from cultures by studying their performance traditions. In doing so, we can learn to be less ethnocentric, and more accepting of others.

#4 Self-Empowerment
Performance permeates every aspect of our everyday lives. Power relationships are constructed through performances. Understanding how performances unfold around us can help us to recognize and take control of the power dynamics that affect us.

#3 Social Change
Theatre is a cultural space where society examines itself in a mirror. Theatre has long been looked at as a laboratory in which we can study the problems that confront society and attempt to solve those problems.

#2 Education
Theatre is a great way to learn. Watching a live theatre show teaches us about people, places, and ideas to which we would not otherwise be exposed. Learning in a theatrical setting makes learning fun. (And it can change behaviour dramatically!)

#1 Creativity
Theatre helps us to develop our creativity. As our education system increasingly puts an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, we cannot forget the importance of art.

Lunchbox Theatre, in collaboration with the Knysna Municipality and with funds raised from a Thundafund Campaign have actively demonstrated through The Last Drop Show and the accompanying Water Wrokshop that we can create Water Warriors.  Hornlee Primary in Knysna reduced their water consumption by 50% during a Water Wise Competition staged by Lunchbox Theatre. Contact us now if you have an urgent need to educate communities about saving water through The Last Drop Show .

Photo courtesy of John Wilhelm, a Photoholic.