Lunchbox Theatre are grateful to the community of likeminded people who strive to raise funds for important educational shows in most interesting ways

Do you think that it is important to educate South Africa children about crucial environmental and social issues? How many humans do you know would go the extra mile for this quest?

Lunchbox Theatre can attest to at least 11 Heroes who have become ‘Legendary’ through their fund raising efforts.
It is only fitting that cyclists Mark Shortreed, Stuart Palmer, Jantie Oosthuizen and Paul Leger, four of these Legends, persevered all the way to the ‘Calling of the Herd ’ in the Tsitsikamma Mountains – for their final training session.

In the photo you see them in front of a magnificent LandArt structure created by famous Strijdom van der Merwe. His art piece consists of interactive trumpets that symbolically call the elephant herd along a mountain ridge overlooking the valleys in the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative, encouraging them to return and call as they once did. The Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative Trail was developed for a fundraising hike to preserve and rehabilitate the elephant’s habitat, and it follows their traditional route.

Lunchbox Theatre have a valued, ongoing relationship with Eden to Addo who commissioned a special show called ‘Great Eden to Addo Adventure Show. Lunchbox Theatre are driven to get the message about the cycles and inter relationship between man, animals and nature.

The 4 cyclists who stood in awe below the ‘Calling of the Herd’ – this weekend form part of a team of 8 who will be cycling in the Cape Town Cycling Tour in a few days’ time.

After months of practicing, the Lunchbox Legends will unite and heed the call for support. They will climb onto their bikes and start riding for 109 gruelling kilometres, fuelled by donations from those who believe in them. The money raised could allow Lunchbox to stage three more Great Eden to Addo Adventure Shows. We are nearly there! Just like elephants support each other, we still have time to support them by visiting this page