Lunchbox Theatre have a clever idea which will give joy forever, unlike most Christmas presents

Lunchbox Theatre have a clever idea which will give joy forever, unlike most Christmas presents

Have you ever sat and quietly observed a young child at play? They are filled with energy and pure joy. Did you know that humans begin to make sense of sounds while still in the womb and they respond with instinctive movements? Surely it makes sense that movement is something we need to develop in their lives? Lunchbox Theatre invite you to help us to teach kids how to dance, with some amazing result, through their After Schools Activities Program in underprivileged communities.

Dancing children learn about how their fascinating body can move as they slide, jump, twist, bob and bend. They learn to coordinate and control their bodies as they own the space through spatial awareness.

However the real value of learning to dance comes from the relationships and confidence they build in the process. As they become better and better at dancing their self-esteem rises on all levels which increases their interest in the concept of learning. This has an incredible ripple effect on their entire school career and they are more likely to stay the distance, allowing them to acquire the skills needed to create a career. The more youngsters engaged in careers, the better for South Africa.

Take Enrico Sam, one of our Facilitators, who discovered dance through Lunchbox Theatre in his early teens. His passion is taking him to places he never dreamt.  He  loves teaching kids to dance and has delighted audiences in numerous events and competitions. His opinion is, “Dance is like dreaming … with your feet. I am actually teaching kids to reach for their dreams and that makes us a ‘family of dancers’.  Dancing is everything to me – an art form, a lifestyle, and the ultimate freedom!”

Our ASAP Manager, Amanda Valela, was a lucky little girl because her father was a very enthusiastic dance teacher. This made a huge difference in her life and set her on an exciting career in the performing arts with Lunchbox Theatre which has taken her to many interesting places. “I find it rewarding to teach the kids because I want them to experience what I was given by my Father.” says this accomplished facilitator, actress, script writer, choreographer and director.

How would you like to be the Secret – or not so Secret Santa – and give a child the gift of a lifetime by sponsoring them with a year’s dance lessons? At R200 per month this is value at its best.

All you need to do is watch this video  then read here

We will record a video of any lucky kids who welcomed your gift (through videos via our newsletter) so you can experience their joy.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Valela and Zaza Maga.