Lunchbox Theatre have a wonderful ‘Community Of Givers’ who we would like to honour on our 10th birthday!

Over the past 10 years Lunchbox Theatre have been well supported.  Whilst we are eternally grateful to and cannot do without governmental and large organizational support, it has been the individuals who have embraced our Mission that have given us the most touching stories.

Generally, they are motivated by their Mission which dovetails with ours.

For example, our very popular Great Eden to Addo Adventure would not have come into being if it were not the belief, Joan Berning of The Addo to Eden Initiative, had in the value of live theatre as an education tool.

Tony Lubner also believed in us and he arranged for his volunteers from the ORCA Foundation to contribute towards the staging of nearly 120 shows out of the almost 750 shows performed in total.  This means that the volunteers have helped Lunchbox educate around 26 500 children out of the nearly 170 000 children who have benefitted.

We were so appreciative of our Lunchbox Legends and their supporters who helped us to raise R40 000 in the  Cape Town Cycle Tour which means that we can stage 8 more shows for at least 4000 children. Watch this space for details.

Then there are people like the brilliant Brouckaerts, Robyn and Matthew; the marvelous Marion Crewe-Brown (of An Artist’s Way fame) and the magnificent Marion Attal who have contributed with monthly donations and in many other ways.

An interesting example of a great COG is Jean Sparg …  a purist when it comes to indigenous vegetation. She loves trees, so she is a firm fan of our tremendous The Tree Show. Her love led her to honour Nelson Mandela on his 90th birthday in 2008 by organizing the planting of 90 trees in New Horizons on the N2 as you approach the Bay Beautiful of Plett from the west.

If you can see some synergy between our shows and your personal or organisational Mission, please contact us so that we can collaborate as COGs – Community of Givers.  You can see a preview to our shows and themes here