Lunchbox Theatre have a wonderful, fun tool to keep your children interested in their natural surroundings and build closer family bonds.

Lunchbox Theatre have a wonderful, fun tool to keep your children interested in their natural surroundings and build closer family bonds.

Think about it … where on this planet are there no birds? The bottom of the ocean? Except for that remote place, they are everywhere! Learning about our feathered friends, as a family, can be one of the most rewarding, natural pastimes available in this day and age. And we have a fantabulous series of bird books for you to invest in as a reward for a year of concerted effort from each family member. Then you can begin the adventure of learning about these fascinating, chirpy bringers of joy, together.

Once you have The Ultimate Companion for Birding in South Africa you can start by finding out about all the  birds who visit your garden. Once aware of them the whole family will become engaged as a fun group activity. You can extend this into creating an inviting environment for the birds that visit your garden. Make a bird bath together as birds appreciate water. Plant plants that attract birds.  Teach the kids new skills like building a nest box. It will transform your garden and your family life.

Going bird watching in the Great Outdoors is a stress relieving adventure which lures everyone away from the phone and the computer. Except, of course, you may want to use technology to photograph or even make a ‘family bird video’ for memory making.  You will be imparting valuable messages about nature to your children which they will probably pass onto their children. With more than 10 000 bird species – everywhere – they will never be bored!!

Once you and your family embark on the adventure of bird watching you will uncover so many benefits, it will astound you. You are going to need a good reference book like The Ultimate Companion for Birding in South Africa. So, why not help some other kids while you are investing? This amazing compendium with 14000 spectacular photos is available through Lunchbox Theatre at less than half price – only R650 (excluding courier).

As detailed on our website, the book is an amazing keepsake and all the proceeds go towards staging more shows to teach more kids about subjects like

  1. The Importance of Trees, the habitat of many birds
  2. How to protect yourself from being abducted
  3. Whales and Marine Protected Areas
  4. Insight into water and saving this precious resource
  5. The Importance of Waste Management and a clean environment
  6. How to avoid or manage HIV and Aids.
  7. The plight of elephants and how to take care of your domestic animals
  8. And you can read our News Blogs to find out more about how we cover these important subjects.

When you invest in The Ultimate Companion for Birding in South Africa  you will be giving your family a lifetime ticket to the Theatre of Nature.  And at no extra cost, you will have the bonus of educating 65 children through the thrill of a live theatre show from the proceeds.

Your far-sighted child’s request for their next birthday present will probably be binoculars as they increase their powers of observation.  Talking of which …. look at the bird in our header – is it a bird or a woman?

Ah ha!  Don’t hesitate, order The Ultimate Companion for Birding in South Africa Now. Simply press here, … and we will chat to you about the best way to get your new acquisition to your family.