Lunchbox Theatre is teaching families how to be wise about ‘stranger danger’.

Lunchbox Theatre is teaching families how to be wise about ‘stranger danger’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children could press an ‘undo’ button like we do on the computer?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could undo a series of unfavorable circumstances and change the outcome?  We don’t, so how can tragedy be avoided? What if most children were protected with the knowledge that they need to navigate their way safely to adulthood?  Lunchbox Theatre has a new show which opens up conversations about ‘staying safe’.

“Dream” was made possible through a wonderful collaboration.  Assitej SA made it possible for Lunchbox Theatre actress, Amanda Valela, to fulfill a lifelong ambition and write a play that will promote the innocence of childhood while creating awareness about the baddies in the world.

National Lotteries Commission paid for the creation and directorship of the play, the launch at the National Arts Festival and a number of shows.  Dream received rave reviews at the festival.    And if anyone knows how to balance the fine line between humour and tragedy, it’s director Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi who has won National Arts Festival Ovation Awards for four productions.

With founder and actor, Stu Palmer at the helm and his First Mate, Maphiko Mncedisi Ncedani providing the songs and his brilliant acting skills, Dream will go far.

Dream stimulates important conversations between the adults and children.  Hopefully no child who sees Dream will ever be reported missing.   Every child who sees Dream stands a better chance of avoiding abduction and the growing trend of kidnapping.  So, if ever there was a good cause to support, the staging of Dream is a good one.  Find out more on how you can help to save a child’s life on