Shanette Elliott

Lunchbox Theatre makes anyone associated with the organisation feel intensely proud as they change the perception of the world through live theatre shows, one child at a time!

What turns you on and makes you eager to fulfil your role in the world?  Is it about saving the environment? Addressing social ills?  Helping our future generation towards better choices? Is it about ‘paying it forward’ to leave the world a better place?  What positive difference are you making? What has been your best job ever?

Shanette Elliott, Marketing Manager for Lunchbox Theatre, believes she has the best job in the world! Starting out as a primary school teacher she has spent most of her life communicating . in the fields of advertising, public relations, incentive motivation and local governance.

As a former teacher she agrees that teaching has never been easy, and it never will be. Likewise, in the field of local governance which has become more challenging than ever.

In the midst of a new era, the Lunchbox Theatre shows are hugely beneficial as they link directly to the School Curriculum and Government’s IDP and LED Mandates. Lunchbox Theatres shows make teaching easier and students benefit with increased engagement and achievement whilst also helping municipal officials with their challenging mandates relating to water, waste and citizen’s health, for example.

Shanette has been able to combine all her experience and skills since she joined Lunchbox Theatre in 2013. “I love the fact that our shows make such a huge impact on our up and coming youth. Nothing communicates quite like live theatre and change comes easily as our future generation embrace the powerful messages brought to them by our wonderfully effective actors!” says Shanette.

Children learn to appreciate and safeguard nature through the The Tree Show and The Great Eden to Addo Adventure. They learn to create a more sustainable future through The Last Drop and The What a Waste Show. They learn to love and care for animals through A Dog’s Life and The Whale Show. And it is not overly dramatic to say that our team can actually save lives through our Thand’ Impilo Show.

This cannot happen without our admirable actors and they need all the support possible.

“I am really proud of our founder and leader, Stuart Palmer, and his troupe of dedicated and loyal actors who constantly put themselves ‘out there’ to make the world a better place in every way they can. Over the years they have stretched themselves to greater heights and achievements and are very worthy of the highest levels of support. We need live theatre shows to become desired by government as an incomparable resource or a monthly donation from individual heroes of between R150 to R300 per month to fully utilize this powerful means of communication. Please take a look at our new website and ‘pay it forward’ so we can create a stronger and brighter future through our live theatre shows.”