Lunchbox Theatre offers A Dog’s Life which helps teachers to enlighten children about how to treat animals, with far reaching effects on humans as well. v

Lunchbox Theatre offers A Dog’s Life which helps teachers to enlighten children about how to treat animals, with far reaching effects on humans as well.

Imagine being the teacher of a Learner who achieves great success in life?  Like Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from Sedgefield who has just been crowned Miss Universe?

Now imagine a teacher who finds out that one of her former students has badly injured one or many other humans? No doubt one would go through some soul searching?  It would only be natural to contemplate whether you could have done something, during the time the child was in your care, to have avoided the situation.  If only you could have foreseen the future? Lunchbox Theatre offer A Dog’s Life Show which teaches Learners how to be more humane towards animals and this links directly to their behaviour towards their fellow man.

According to the Humane Society “It is well documented that animal cruelty is a sign of serious psychological distress. It often shows that a child has either experienced violence firsthand or is at risk of becoming violent toward people. Many studies in psychology, criminology, and sociology have demonstrated that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that most serial killers had, as children, killed or tortured animals. Research also shows that there are consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of more common violence, including child, spouse and elder abuse. As educators, we must recognise that children who deliberately abuse animals—or tell us about animal abuse—are crying out for help and need immediate attention.”

As Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters said when she visited the Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Centre to encourage the sharing of love through kindness and compassion towards those without a voice.: “I love my pets and I personally think whoever said ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’, never owned a dog.”

One easy way to find out if any children are abusing animals and engaging in other anti-social behaviour is to stage A Dog’s Life Show.  Teachers can use the show to easily lead the class into storytelling, role playing, creative writing, or drawing while taking special note of the reaction of any children who tend to be more involved in bullying, vandalism, and other more serious crimes. 

Children simply adore Wafi, the life-size puppet who is the Hero of A Dog’s Life.  Empathy will be born and children will open up about abusers in their midst. Knowledge is power and you have the power to avoid a future tragedy while saving many animals from horrible abuse.

This is what teachers and opinion leaders, who have seen A Dog’s Life, have to say about the show. 

‘Fantastic, what a message!’ – Di Butlin, Chairperson, Plett Animal Welfare Society
“They were glued to the show, very practical and educational.”  E. Sass Sedgefield Primary
“Great, strong messages about animal welfare, Exceptional performance.” Mr Vernon, Van Wyksdorp Primary
“Very informative show. Even I learned a lot.” Mr RW Draai, Lancewood Primary
“You are doing an amazing job. The children love your shows. Lunchbox Theatre is creative, innovative and very child friendly” – Anita Schrell, Principal of Plett Primary
“Well planned presentation. Good idea to educate Learners to treat their animals with dignity. Try to reach as many kids as possible.” Mr GA Olivier, Sunridge Primary

So far, Lunchbox Theatre have only managed to educate about 15 000 children about caring for their animals through A Dog’s Life.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and we could do so much more with your support. 

Every single show makes a huge, positive difference and we thank IFWA, (International Fund for the Welfare of Animals), Department of Culture and Sports, Department of Arts and Culture, National Arts Council, Eden District Municipality, The Knysna Oyster Festival, The ORCA Foundation, National Lotteries Commission, Nussbaum Foundation and Plett Primary for helping us to change the course of destiny for many animals. 

For R200 per month, 400 children can be educated through A Dog’s Life every year for as long as your donation continues. For R1000 per month over 1000 children will be educated on how to care for animals and with a once off payment of R5000 we can educate 500 kids with one show. This is great value for money, so visit now.