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Lunchbox Theatre recently educated 1000’s of youngsters in the Eastern Cape about how to avoid the scourge of AIDS and live a healthier life!

A great deal of money is invested into traditional educational leaflets and pamphlets about HIV and AIDS.  As an alternative, how effective are live theatre shows when it comes to teaching youngsters about avoiding and handling the disease? Watch the reaction of the youngsters in this video and you can decide ….

When Lunchbox Theatre recently performed the Thand’ Impilo Show  for 14 schools in the Eastern Cape, the teachers were delighted with the message of warning and hope delivered to those in their care.  Many of them had concluded that some Learners have become de-sensitised to the reality of the AIDS problem because it is ‘old news’.

The Thand’ Impilo Show proved to be an attention-grabbing medium which warned and guided the youngsters in a sensitive, way while not making the subject too ‘heavy’.  The young adults were completely engaged in the story and this established a base for teachers to have follow up discussions in their Life Orientation lessons.  This translated into making live theatre a very powerful tool for teachers!!

As teacher Mr Mokeli, said to his Learners, “You need to have a Dream and a Vision.  Whether you fulfil your Dream depends on your life choices while you are young.  I suggest you take the messages you were taught today and apply them!”

Many children in the rural areas have NEVER seen a live theatre show.  Their reaction and positive reception was unrehearsed and very heart warming.

Changing lives in such a meaningful way is a huge privilege and thrill for Lunchbox Theatre and we need all the help we can get.  Please read on our website about how just R1 can save a young person’s life … which will improve their lives and our economy.