Lunchbox Theatre stage the enlightening Thand’ Impilo show to educate the youth about HIV / AIDS and encourage them to make the right choices.

Do you face these challenges with learners who have HIV related illnesses in their homes?  Lack of communication, stigma and the sensitivity of the subject making it difficult to address? Not wanting to make a learner inferior or singled out?    Other responsibilities diverting leaners from focusing on their education?  Finding it difficult to help because of the size of classes?  Little time to do guidance and counselling about the negative implications of sexual activities? Lunchbox Theatre offer Thand Impilo, the ideal show to pave the way towards helping these children in need.

Learners who have not disclosed their family’s status make it difficult to offer support because it seems too sensitive and teachers do not want to make them feel inferior.    If a learner discloses their statusothers sometimes won’t associate with them or share food for fear of contracting HIV.   Affected children have responsibilities which divert them from focusing on their education.  The size of classes sometimes makes it difficult to help the vulnerable.  There is often little time to do guidance and counselling about the negative implications of sexual activities and lack of communication from guardians leads to facts being deliberately hidden.

The sad fact is that many children whose parents are ill now are likely to also become ill themselves in later years. During their childhood they get little emotional and material support and they often have to start playing roles that are usually expected from adults. This makes life difficult for teachers who want to help them.

You can put  Thand’ Impilo to work to open the paths of communication and help those living in silence and pain to realise that they do have a choice.

This is what teachers have to say about how the Thand Impilo Show has empowered them to help those in their care.

“Several youngsters came to me and told me how great it was because the show “made it real” and was much more engaging that the usual posters and printed material. One learner said he’d learned that there is a more optimistic way to handle this disease if one is positive”. Kathy Fielding; Greenwood Bay College

“Lunchbox Theatre conveyed a serious message with a fresh and authentic approach through the accessibility of live theatre. Another learner confided that he would ‘use protection’ and that it is necessary for learners to be reminded of the pitfalls of indiscreet sexual encounters.”  N. Manual, Plett Secondary

“It served as an effective campaign. A well-executed production that will hopefully influence learners to make the right life choices.” Ms Bester, Wittedrift High

“The educational and informative show should go to every school even to the Primary Schools as it addresses every Learner and Teacher’s concerns.  Lunchbox Theatre have great initiative and are passionate about educating our youth on the dangers of ignorance whilst promoting the “love life” concept.” Mrs C. Witbooi; Percy Mdala High

“Thand’ Impilo brought a hidden topic to light.  It was fun, motivational and very emotional while being quite scary and touching”. Mrs Anne Battle; South Cape College

Deep appreciation goes to The Orca and Nussbaum Foundations, the National Lotteries Commission, National Arts Council  for the opportunity to educate just over 11 000 children through 43 Thand’ Impilo shows.

Almost every teacher asked for more shows to help them teach the children about life skills.  If your learners have not yet seen the engaging Thand’ Impilo show, please see if you can make a plan by donating personally or persuading your decision makers to fund some shows via