Lunchbox Theatre can offer you a very easy way to do your bit to stop animal abuse within South African communities.

Did you know that Mahatmas Gandhi is called “The Great Soul” because he remains an incredible source of wisdom and inspiration to the world? Do you agree with what he said about animals? “To my mind,” he said, “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” Join Lunchbox Theatre agree and help us to turn children into ambassadors for our voiceless animals through A Dog’s Life Show, one child at a time.

Our very supportive teachers had this to say recently when Orca Foundation funded yet another spate of A Dog’s Life shows in Plettenberg Bay which will make a big difference to the mindset of the Learners.

Nomdumiso Onica, Kwanokuthula Primary says, “Live shows are fun for the learners because they learn more quickly and effectively than just narrating a story.  A Dog’s Life correlates with their Life Skills Lessons and we can use the concept to role play with dog masks. The songs in different languages ‘get into your head’ and are remembered long after the show.”

Nontuthuzelo Nyathela from Phakamisani Primary said, “The Learners were laughing all the way through the show except when the sad bits came like when the dog was chased and abused. It was important for the kids to learn that

  • it is bad to ill-treat pets;
  • pets must be looked after all the time with food, shelter, fresh water, and medication.
  • pets can be good friends that can reward them with love.

This show was so real with the dog puppet, Wafi, that it was on the kids’ level and they loved it.”

As we pray for an end to violence and terrorism, please remember The Great Soul’s words, “It ill becomes us to invoke in our daily prayers the blessings of God, the Compassionate, if we in turn will not practice elemental compassion toward our fellow creatures.”

Praying helps however can you help Lunchbox Theatre be an instrument in the creation of a better world for animals? To do this we need …

  1. More Corporate Donors who can gain great goodwill mileage through empowering communities with a tax-deductible annual donation for far reaching educational shows?
  2. More Individual Donors who can make it possible for a little child to see a show – possibly their first ever?
  3. More Contributors to invest in changing the lives of a significant number of children?
  4. More ongoing Supporters who will leave a legacy of enlightenment?
  5. More Influencer who will help us to spread the word to change the face of South Africa through the ancient medium of storytelling?

Simply go to to change the fate of at least one animal.