Why does South Africa not fall off the precipice even though we continue to face daunting challenges?

According to Prof Jonathan Jansen we have some incredible strengths which link directly to Lunchbox Theatre shows. Can you can help avert disaster by supporting us?

Would you agree with Johnathan Janssen, former UFS Rector and Vice-Chancellor that these are the 7 Elements that save South Africa?

Our remarkable capacity for self-correction. Our ability to laugh at ourselves during a crisis. Our incredible capacity for forgiveness. Our tenacity as a people, our determination to take on the long odds. Our openness to ground-moving social and political gestures. A powerful “moral underground” which comprises of tens of thousands of people who work as volunteers, behind the scenes, to make South Africa work. And last, but definitely not least, is our compassion.

We agree and are pleased to propose that Lunchbox Theatre is an organisation that can help to save South Africa by embracing these very relevant saving graces within our country.

Live theatre helps to correct unhealthy perceptions within school children. We educate them by changing mindsets about important social and environmental issues. Although our content is serious we utilize humour to get the message across, making it easier for the children to embrace the harsh realities of their lives. Enlightenment will help us to avert disaster as new ways of treating our animals, environment and fellow man become entrenched through our shows.

Our children need help to make healthy choices and so far, we have only managed to reach just under 174 000 children through nearly 770 shows in the past 10 years.

What really stands out for us is the ‘moral underground’ that makes a huge difference. Where would we be, for instance, without the help of the donations, from volunteers organised by Tony Lubner from the Orca Foundation for instance? Through Orca nearly 130 000 children have been educated about whales, trees and caring for domestic animals.

Here is your chance to make a Grand Gesture and take ownership of ‘My South Africa’. Join us in creating good and new stories of hope and triumph in our Rainbow Nation.
Simply click and decide whether you want to be….

  1. A Donor who invests in children seeing fun live theatre shows with serious messages that will change their perceptions for a better future South Africa.
  2. A Contributor who takes action to help us avert disaster by entrenching new, healthier ways of treating our animals, environment and fellow man.
  3. An Influencer helping us to show children how to be guided by their moral compass and stop the repetition of sad histories from one generation to the next.
  4. A Corporate Donor who is interested in making a Grand Gesture by empowering communities through live theatre shows with a tax-deductible annual donation which will give everyone great mileage.
  5. A Volunteer or Collaborator who can help us by becoming a Board Member or Fundraiser – especially through international links as our currency is very favourable to enable those who love South Africa to make a huge difference.

Choose your favourite topic and matching show now and help us to support and create more reasons to be proud of South Africa. Welcome to

Thanks to Johnathan Janssen for his awesome insights in My South Africa – by you.