cape town cycle tour

Meet the Legends who supported Lunchbox!

Do you know that feeling when you are really passionate about something in life? You want everyone to share the feeling of what makes you feel good to be alive? And when you do find people of like mind, you have so much fun together?

Stuart Palmer will do just about anything to take his loyal team of actors out into the rural areas to educate the underprivileged about how to save the planet and how to live together harmoniously. He is always looking for ways to raise funds, as educating every child is important to him. He is particularly interested in selflessly visiting remote areas where the poverty of the audience is in direct proportion to their joy in seeing a live theatre show.

Stuart is intent on not taking advantage of any of his personal relationships for his organisation, even though Lunchbox represents a very worthy cause. However, as a sportsman, participation in the Cape Town Cycle Tour was an irresistible opportunity for some ‘FUN’draising. He attracted great support from his inner circle – which is quite large, because when Stu is around fun is guaranteed!

One of his most stalwart supporters is his brother in law, Clyde Berning, an actor with a very entertaining personality. He and his wonderful wife, Lika Berning, do a great deal to empower the film makers of the future through iKasi Media.  He is the brother of Stu’s wife, Rhian Berning, of innovative Eco Atlas, ethical choices fame. So, it is only natural that Stu, being the charismatic individual that he is, would also have their adventurous dad, Dr Peter Berning as another consistent supporter.

Then there Brendon Morris, Webmaster for Plett Tourism, who immediately leapt into the saddle and finished first as the most enthusiastically supported fundraiser. Sadly, he could not participate in the actual race because his family needed  loving support on 11 March. The only girl in the team, Monica Hunter, could also unfortunately not make it.

Local Plett, nature lover, Jantie Oosthuizen and Stu made their way from Plett to Cape Town. They were joined by Matthew Corvarr a former Senior Designer at Sotheby’s, is one of the many creative individuals who grace the Garden Route with his design company Covarr Design.

Mark Shortreed, scuba diver and sailor who has laid anchor in Knysna, added his bike to the road trip. As a committed vet at Knysna Veterinary Clinic, he cycled to raise money for shows about animals. They joined the rest of the team in Cape Town, the Mother City – a fitting place to raise funds towards saving Mother Earth!

Jason Ratner is obviously a good guy as a member of the Franshoek International Lion’s Club. He is also the General Manager of The French Connection an a charming bistro in Franschoek. Paul Leger is a generous master of brilliant escapes and great value with his company, The Budget Getaway Guide.  Wayne Unser is used to building relationships through his company Unser Construction.  His very supportive sister, Nicola, said it perfectly for those of us who are not quite so adventurous

“To my family and friends that are crazy enough to be cycling tomorrow – I will be thinking of you from the depths of my duvet. Have a good ride & be safe.”

You will notice that we did not use the money raised as the ‘hook’ to engage attention. Whenever any of the plights that Lunchbox Theatre are trying to change in the world are mentioned, you can be pretty sure that you can ‘follow the money’ to find out the cause behind the malady.

We were hoping to engage you by showing you how much human camaraderie, focused on a common cause, can create.  Through their wonderful commitment to reaching the finish line and their awesome supporters, the Lunchbox Legends raised R40 000 which means that we can stage 8 more shows for at least 4000 children. That equates to R10 per child!

Please consider joining our Legends, or if you are more sedentary of nature, following news about our Legends’ next great adventure and encouraging them with a bit of support? Maybe simply save your spare change in a bottle or lunchbox for Lunchbox Theatre? Imagine – just R1 per day saved could educate 365 children in a year!

Special thanks go to those who supported out Legends:  Brendon Morris – Duncan Brown (Beacon Isle Kwikspar), Tamaryn Napp, Lindsay Harrow, Kerry Levin, Christopher Morris and Plett Tourism;  Clyde Berning – Zolani MaholaMaureen GradyPatricia Glyn,  Alan Committee and Tessa van Schalk,; Jantie Ooshuizen – Carol SuryaTessa van Schalk, Gabriel Julian Luyt, Caetherine Julie Luyt, Susan de Villiers, Martin Wolfaard and Christiaan Oosthuizen. Jason Ratner – Fred van Alphen, June and Johnathan Perry, Megan Snyders, Norman Clark, Jared Ratner, Rose Yvonne White, Taryn Doidge, Linda Coltart and The French ConnectionMark Shortreed – H Taylor, Belinda Oosthuysen, Johan and Jean-Marie Eksteen, Hubertus von Bergman, Lorna Cochrane, Ann Meier, Sylvia and Nanette Shortreed;

Matthew Covarr – Nathan Hill, Anne de Nagy Koves Hrabar, Tessa van Schalk & Patricia Healy, Monica Taylor – Chris Hops Paul Leger – Paul Leger ; Peter Berning – Peter Berning & Tessa van SchalkStuart Palmer – Tessa van Schalk, Jesper Arin, Anja Wiehl, Rhian Berning and Ulrika Hannsson; Wayne Unser – Mick Murphy, Nichola Unser, Megan Snyders, Mike Steyn, and Chris Baff.


Shanette Elliott
Marketing Manager