Lunchbox Theatre are fascinated by Trees and may have uncovered new evidence that they are amazing intelligent, selflessness and co-operative beings.

Trees are just bits of wood and leaves, right?  They only move with the wind and they do not communicate, right?  Wrong!  They are actually very intelligent and sociable beings. And their dynamic social networks function on one basic principal. They seek Harmony. Name one teacher who is not seeking harmony? According to Joe McCarthy, trees […]

Lunchbox Theatre have a wonderful, fun tool to keep your children interested in their natural surroundings and build closer family bonds.

Think about it … where on this planet are there no birds? The bottom of the ocean? Except for that remote place, they are everywhere! Learning about our feathered friends, as a family, can be one of the most rewarding, natural pastimes available in this day and age. And we have a fantabulous series of […]

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Lunchbox Theatre have a clever idea which will give joy forever, unlike most Christmas presents

Have you ever sat and quietly observed a young child at play? They are filled with energy and pure joy. Did you know that humans begin to make sense of sounds while still in the womb and they respond with instinctive movements? Surely it makes sense that movement is something we need to develop in […]

Lunchbox Theatre enlighten children in the Garden Route with After Schools Activities Programs which benefits our economy!

Did you know that South Africa is facing a crisis when it comes to children dropping out of school?  Do you know why?  There are many reasons … which our After School Activities Program (ASAP) can help to address.  When a child is enthusiastic about something they enjoy at school they are encouraged to try […]

Why does South Africa not fall off the precipice even though we continue to face daunting challenges?

According to Prof Jonathan Jansen we have some incredible strengths which link directly to Lunchbox Theatre shows. Can you can help avert disaster by supporting us? Would you agree with Johnathan Janssen, former UFS Rector and Vice-Chancellor that these are the 7 Elements that save South Africa? Our remarkable capacity for self-correction. Our ability to laugh at […]

the dog show

Lunchbox Theatre can offer you a very easy way to do your bit to stop animal abuse within South African communities.

Did you know that Mahatmas Gandhi is called “The Great Soul” because he remains an incredible source of wisdom and inspiration to the world? Do you agree with what he said about animals? “To my mind,” he said, “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man […]

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Lunchbox Theatre are grateful to Orca Foundation for funding a Dog’s Life Show

When you watch this video you will see how powerful ‘gratitude’ is when it comes to developing a ‘good attitude’. What is gratitude and why is it important? Did you know that through gratitude you acknowledge the goodness in your life and that this somehow creates more to be grateful for?  When you feel gratitude […]

dream show

Children who see Lunchbox Theatre’s Dream Show are more likely to grow up safely and fulfil their dreams in adulthood.

As parents we have a dream for a safe and fulfilling future for our children. We want them to grow and express their potential, and as adults fulfill their biggest dreams. We realize all too well that it might not always be an easy journey. We know without a doubt that keeping them safe is […]

Lunchbox Theatre is teaching families how to be wise about ‘stranger danger’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children could press an ‘undo’ button like we do on the computer?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could undo a series of unfavorable circumstances and change the outcome?  We don’t, so how can tragedy be avoided? What if most children were protected with the knowledge that they need to […]

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Amanda Valela created Dream so that SA kids can be empowered to protect themselves from abduction.

Did you have a happy childhood? Have you ever been into a community where you are surrounded by little, ‘old’, fearful people? If our youth grow up in fear what hope is there for our country? Abductions and kidnappings are now a ‘trend’, would you like to help us make this more difficult for evil […]