Lunchbox Theatre’s Thand’ Impilo Show educates youngsters about how to avoid HIV and AIDS and live a healthy lifestyle. You can help us to get the message out there.

We hear about AIDS all the time however do we really know what happens to a family when this dread disease comes knocking on the door?  Who are the most vulnerable and what are they experiencing? Is there any way we can turn the tide through experiential education that will change destinies?  Find out more […]

Lunchbox Theatre offer some suggestions about good food to give a child when they need nurturing and comfort.

What food can sustain a child when they have lost their appetite and need comfort? Lunchbox Theatre offer some suggestions about good food to give a child when they need nurturing and comfort. When life is tough or sad and a child has lost their appetite what food can you tempt them with? What happens […]

Lunchbox Theatre stage the enlightening Thand’ Impilo show to educate the youth about HIV / AIDS and encourage them to make the right choices.

Do you face these challenges with learners who have HIV related illnesses in their homes?  Lack of communication, stigma and the sensitivity of the subject making it difficult to address? Not wanting to make a learner inferior or singled out?    Other responsibilities diverting leaners from focusing on their education?  Finding it difficult to help because […]

What would the world be like if there was no AIDS?

Film-maker and activist, Leo Herrera has created a sci-fi documentary, called Fathers, that imagines the heroes and creatives that could have been in a HIV-less world. HIV charity, Avert, claim that by the end of 1990, over 307,000 AIDS cases had been officially reported with the actual number estimated to be closer to a million. […]

Lunchbox Theatre believe in promoting a healthy body and a healthy mind in children which is why they offer easy to follow best practices on good nutrition

What is the healthiest drink a child can consume?  Are fizzy or ‘diet’ drinks good for them?  What about fruit juices?  Lunchbox Theatre offer some valuable ideas on the best sources of beverages. Children can easily drink a lot of juice because it tastes good. However, too much juice can contribute to problems like obesity, and tooth […]

Lunchbox Theatre teaches learners about the perils of dumping and advantages of recycling, composting and managing waste effectively

What role do schools play in educating future consumers and protecting the environment?  What is an effective way of reducing the enormous amount of waste we are producing? Can children play a role in educating their families?   How do children learn through a live theatre show? Read about what educators say about the efficacy of […]

The What a Waste Show encourages youth to become Waste Warriors

Collecting municipal waste costs 3 times more than disposal so we need to support the policy makers who are encouraging the use of waste recovery, recycling and composting techniques. Almost half of global solid waste (46%) is organic material, with 17% being paper, 10% plastic, 5% glass and 4% metal. Only 1% of all waste […]

Lunchbox Theatre can convert children into helpful Waste Warriors through waste management and recycling with their inspiring educational theatre piece, the ‘What a Waste Show’!

What was the world like when the astronauts went to the moon in ’69?  If they went again today would they see loads of litter on the little blue dot we call home?  Are we being devoured by the diabolical Waste Monster we have created and grown to a disproportionate degree? Lunchbox Theatre’s ‘What a […]

School teachers and sponsors, such as ORCA, share what they think about the benefit of the Whale Show in primary schools in a world filled with technology.

Do you believe that teaching is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding careers that anyone can choose? Are teachers, in fact, our nation builders? How does Lunchbox Theatre help these unsung heroes? Lunchbox Theatre fully appreciate and support the dedication of teachers. We ensure that all our shows fit into the school’s curriculum to […]

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A healthy option for fast food takeaways in South Africa

Even health conscious Moms need a break from cooking sometimes and what better option than to treat the kids to a takeaway?  However, eating some of these unhealthy options so that it becomes a habit as your kids grow up could increase their risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Here is a […]