Lunchbox Theatre finds new ways to keep creative

These are incredibly challenging times for so many people. Businesses are having to shut down or are facing huge financial difficulties. Hunger and poverty are more prevalent than ever as unemployment reaches record highs. So many questions flying around about whether the government is doing the right thing or not and no end to the […]

Some good news from Lunchbox Theatre

In these difficult times of Coronavirus we are faced with many challenges. We need to re-invent the way we appraoch our family life, our social interactions and our work life. So many of these situations have changed in ways we never imagined possible. And now we need to find ways to address these challenges with […]

Love Stories

As a child did you love listening to stories?

Especially the ones told by Grandparents? Were you fascinated by the tales ‘Oom Schalk Lourens’, created by Herman Charles Bosman, or about wild African animals ? In case you don’t know … Herman Charles Bosman, is widely regarded as South Africa’s greatest short-story writer! Yes, David, “The Voice” is coming to Plett! So, rather than later regretting that […]

Lunchbox Theatre’s talented kids showcase their skills

This is a beautiful video of our After Schools Activities Program delivering a fantastic show filled with fun, laughter, great messages and amazing talent? Watch this delightful show by clicking on The ASAP Showcase 2019.   The  Lunchbox Theatre Facilitators and Kids attending their After Schools Activities Program can be congratulated on a superb performance on […]

How is it possible to disappoint these enthusiastic youngsters?

Thank you for supporting our drive towards keeping essential education alive which turns the tide of anti-social behaviour. As a non-profit organisation funding is always a challenge for us and we try everything in our power to make sure ‘the show goes on!’  We will do almost anything not to disappoint our child audience who […]

Find out how some special Women helped the kids in their care back on the road to positivity on Mandela Day.

When communities of adults break out in protesting violence, little children also experience it up close and personal. How does this impact on the rest of their lives if not addressed promptly?  Join us as we celebrate how some caring women provided Lunchbox Theatre’s After Schools Activities Program (ASAP) with a healing, win-win treat on […]