Nomzamo Maga “Zaza

Lunchbox Theatre has a wonderful troupe of actors who educating children on how to live an honourable life through live theatre shows.

What are the guiding principles that Lunchbox Theatre’s actors live by?  Where do these values fit into teaching youth of South Africa about environmental and social best practices?  No matter what your beliefs, can you resonate with these universal messages which are inherent in all our shows?

Just like South African government schools do not embrace any religious ethos to the exclusion of others, Lunchbox Theatre prefers to live through faith and values rather than practicing or preaching any specific religion. The aim is to simply make the world a better place. 

When the Lunchbox Theatre team rehearse they often do so at Nomzama Maga’s local church hall. This gives you a clue about this endearing actress.  No matter what your religion there are key Great Principles Shared by All Religions and embodied in our life changing shows, with thanks to Jeffrey Moses.   

Speak the Truth –   We don’t beat about the bush and our shows teach children about the way things really are in the world and the right way to live life. 

Love Thy Neighbour.  Conquer With Love / All You Need is Love.   Love is a unifying force and all our shows convey messages of love and hope. 

Honour Thy Father and Mother … and one way to do this is if Fathers and Mothers are good examples and they honour themselves, their children and each other as well.  

Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone because the blessings of life are deeper than what can be appreciated by the senses. If we keep on abusing Nature we are going to land up in a very compromising position on Earth. 

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.  This means humans as well as animals and we pass this message on through all our shows.  However, if someone chooses a destructive path …

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged – This principle is an expression of the underlying truth that mankind is one great family, and that we all spring from a common source so we need to respect each other. So, if you come across an injustice …  

Be Slow to Anger – Anger clouds the mind when clarity and objectivity are needed most.  Even though people are abusing each other and animals, there is a positive way to address this through Lunchbox Theatre shows so 

Do No Harm – If someone tries to hurt another, it means that she is perceiving that person as something separate and foreign from herself.  And when someone harms a human or animal apply …

Forgiveness – The most beautiful thing a man can do and act upon. 

So, take a look at all the Lunchbox Theatre shows and choose the one which resonates with you and help us to change the world for the better. 

A Dog’s Life

Thand Impilo

The Tree Show

Great Eden to Addo Adventure

The Last Drop

The Whale Show

The What a Waste Show

Ilifa the Inheritance

Become a Peacemaker by supporting our shows. When people live in the awareness that there is a close kinship between all individuals and nations, peace is the natural result which is why we teach children about making the world a better place by caring about their fellow man, the environment and animals. 

You Reap What You Sow – This is the great mystery of human life. Aware or unaware, all are ruled by this inevitable law of nature.  What are you sowing and what will you reap?

It’s More Blessed to Give than to Receive – Generosity, charity and kindness will open an individual to an unbounded reservoir of riches.  Here is hoping that in 2018, you will give more hope to the children of South Africa through Lunchbox Theatre.

Nomzamo’s name means ‘mother of all endeavours!! There’s nothing she won’t try. There is no giving up. Nothing is impossible!!!

This is good for Lunchbox Theatre as she prays for all children to be well taken care of, safe and happy. That is what the messages imparted through the Lunchbox Theatre shows are all about. Lunchbox Theatre’s Values are to Serve People, Educate & Develop Children, Pursue Excellence and to Grow through Support. And the only way to achieve this is to have enough money coming in to stage as many shows as possible. This is tricky for a Non-Profit Organisation however after 8 years, Lunchbox Theatre is becoming stronger and stronger and with more support the Values will be accomplished.

For R200 per month, 400 children can be educated through your favourite show every year for as long as your donation continues. For R1000 per month over 1000 children will be educated and with a once off payment of R5000 we can educate 500 kids with one show. This is great value for money, so visit our new website now.