Lunchbox legends

Our 8 Lunchbox Legends are training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds for more Lunchbox Theatre live educational shows.

Our Lunchbox Legends are training hard to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour on 3 March 2018 to raise funds for the staging of more educational shows for the youth! And it is paying dividends. So far we have nearly enough money to stage 2 shows. With less than a month to go, let’s hope we can attract enough support so that we can teach a lot more kids about a better way of life.

The Lunchbox Team are so proud of and impressed by Stuart Palmer who is always setting a good example He never asks others to do what he will not do – whether it is auctioning for a good cause, helping the troubled, running, riding, wrapping gifts, providing opportunities for the youth, acting or packing up props in the hot sun. He may not be in the lead with donations however he definitely leads the way as a very good example of how One Person can Ignite Many for the Greater Good.

Here he is with another awesome supporter when it comes to managing our finances Hermanzki Nieuwoudt and a good buddy Brendon Morris who is leading the way with donations of over R3000! Well done Brendon and his supporters ie  Plettenberg Bay TourismKerry Levin Nee Morris and Christopher Richard Morris.