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Our diverse Lunchbox Legends team share a zest for adventure and a willingness to go the extra mile for live theatre education

Admittedly it is called ‘the most beautiful bike race in the world and Table Mountain is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, however what would make our 9 Lunchbox Legends cycle for nearly 6 hours?

We could write a book about them all however, maybe the example of the most mature Lunchbox Legend in the team, Dr Peter Berning, will give you a glimpse into what this team is all about.  Dr Peter made it into the history books by becoming one of the first South Africans to complete the toughest challenge of its kind, the 580 km Polar Race to the Magnetic North Pole in 2005.  In 2012 after 111 km of below freezing temperatures he and his team reached the South Pole after six and half days. In 2016 he spent 19 days, without a break, hiking The Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike from the Knysna forest to the Addo National Park for the Sabrina Love Kids!

In March this year Doctor Pete joined his son, Clyde and son in law, Stuart and their inspiring friends to raise funds for Lunchbox Theatre in the Cape Town Cycle Tour.  And what does he say to the youngsters as he cycles past?  “I cannot stop’.   Here’s to our unstoppable Legends. Watch the video!

When Bill Mylrea, John Stegmann and Louis de Waal first proposed the Argus Tour, it was meant to be a protest ride to ‘encourage’ the city council to consider bicycles in urban planning on the busy roads. The event ‘failed’ spectacularly for decades, however the irony is that cycling has become so big in South Africa, thanks to this event now known as the Cape Town Cycle Tour, that those objectives are now a reality across the city in the form of bike lanes and cycle safety projects everywhere. This just shows that dreams do come true in unexpected ways.  Please save your small change this year and consider supporting our Legends in March 2019 so we can make some dreams come true. Every rand donated can educate a South African child about environmental and social fundamental.