The show targets locals with reminders of what is so great about our town. We look at the cultural diversity, the natural wonders and the wide array of activities.

Thanks to the initial support of Bitou Tourism and Bitou Municipality, Lunchbox Theatre has created an inspiring theatre piece that will make Plett locals ‘PROUD OF PLETT’. The play follows 3 characters who each open their own tour operating company. They each want a slice of the funds available to help them grow their businesses. However, they encounter various hurdles and eventually learn that the only way forward is through working together.

With this show we will inform local learners about the Historical, Environmental, Social and Geographical features of this region that make it so appealing to a foreign market. The audience will leave the show feeling a renewed sense of pride for Plett and a will to be the perfect ambassadors for their hometown.

Using local actors, this program furthers the skills development and job creation aspect of LBT.