Waste on Road Trip

How do you reduce your waste on road trips?

 Are you travelling this summer?

We’d love to hear how you minimise waste on your roadtrips.

Here’s a short fun video showing how Lunchbox Theatre does it. 

Have you ever been on a road trip and as you are relaxing into the awesome beauty of Nature, you suddenly see a whole lot of unsightly litter?  Chip packets, takeaway boxes and cups, straws, plastic cutlery and even babies’ disposal nappies covered in flies?

Watch this video and see if you think it is worth raising awareness about the destruction caused by ‘The Litter Monster’!

Lunchbox Theatre goes into our communities and educates children through their live theatre shows on vital lifestyle choices.  In the past 11 years we have influenced nearly 180 000 children to be better human beings when it comes to personal choices about their lives, animal care and the environment.  With your support we can continue, which gives us all greater peace of mind.

If you are reading this, it means you are one of those people who care and that you will consider helping us to teach the future generation about how to manage waste. By supporting us you benefit by:

  • Helping us to clean up our natural environment through greater consciousness
  • Contributing towards our future generations care of the Earth by teaching them how to manage their waste.
  • Becoming a someone who actively saving our youth from the consequences of bad examples from society.
  • Making a tax-deductible contribution which goes directly to job creation for actors and making kids wiser.

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Follow the team on their adventures and find out more about our shows.  Then take a look at our range of life enhancing shows https://lunchbox.org.za/our-shows/ and see how you can make a difference!