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Thanks to the Nelson Mandela Municipality and Uhambiso Consult (Pty) Ltd, that is what Lunchbox Theatre did during Water Week 2018.

Do you know that some children believe that ‘water comes out of a tap’ and that this is a ‘right‘, which is taken for granted, and will continue forever? Mr Swart tells us how ‘The Last Drop’ inspired the children of Malan de Vos Primary in Port Elizabeth.  Would you like to do the same thing and […]


Lunchbox Theatre live theatre shows are an effective means of changing behaviour for a better world

Would you be happier if you knew that all South Africans were aware of the importance of actively saving water? We don’t need to tell you about how important it is right now to teach our communities about how to save water. What we do want to bring to your attention is how effective live […]

How we can teach our children to save water during drought?

How we can teach our children to save water during drought?

When The Last Drop Show was created Lunchbox Theatre was referring to 60 years in the future.  However, with punitive droughts becoming a regular influence on our daily lives, the subject of saving water has become critical today.  The more young people we can educate and the sooner this is done the better. We will […]