The What a Waste Show encourages youth to become Waste Warriors

Collecting municipal waste costs 3 times more than disposal so we need to support the policy makers who are encouraging the use of waste recovery, recycling and composting techniques. Almost half of global solid waste (46%) is organic material, with 17% being paper, 10% plastic, 5% glass and 4% metal. Only 1% of all waste […]


Lunchbox Theatre can convert children into helpful Waste Warriors through waste management and recycling with their inspiring educational theatre piece, the ‘What a Waste Show’!

What was the world like when the astronauts went to the moon in ’69?  If they went again today would they see loads of litter on the little blue dot we call home?  Are we being devoured by the diabolical Waste Monster we have created and grown to a disproportionate degree? Lunchbox Theatre’s ‘What a […]